How to Get White Hair?

White hair color might be synonymous with the gray hair, but in contrary, it is most elusive and rare hair color. Though it is difficult to achieve but it is worth trying. Once you get a white hair treasure it, to maintain the trendy and exclusive look. If you are ready to put on your hard time and experiment with your looks then you are right page. This article will cover the steps to get white hair. We hope you find it useful.

Get White Hair

Steps to Get White Hair:

1.) Pre-Lightening to Get White Hair

To dye your hair, first, make sure that your hair is light enough. Very few people have naturally light hair. And, those who do not have light hair have to bleach them. Bleaching hair is known as pre-lightening hair. This will help to tone your hair and prepare them to get fair. By doing so we have to achieve a pale yellow color which looks like banana’s flesh that is toned nicely. Any darker hair can be toned into light color like silver or grayish blonde hair but cannot be toned white directly. To get white hair your hair color needs to reduce close to the level 10. But make sure your hair is healthy enough to withstand the bleach.

2.) Preparing Bleach to Get White Hair

To get the white hair you need to lighten it thoroughly, therefore, you must use good quality bleach. Most of the bleach tends to damage the hair however, it also depends on the frequency they have been used. There are many authentic brands in the market that offer good quality bleach. They will lighten your hair more effectively without causing too much damage. Once you pick the best quality bleach, it’s time to prepare a bleach mixture to be applied on hair. For exact measurement of color developer and powder read the back of the packet. Your length of the hair matters a lot for this. Make sure that you use an exact amount of powder and color developer. Most of the people think that if they will add a good amount of bleach powder then they will get an effective result but that’s not the case, in fact, it tends to damage your hair. So make sure that you prepare bleach with correct proportions. And then combine red gold corrector to the mixture.

3.) Applying Bleach to Get White Hair

Once you have prepared the bleach its time to do a patch test. Before applying it to your hair, check it once. If it does not cause any problem then you can move ahead with the mixture. It would be a tedious task to apply the bleach on the hair in one go, also you will not get the expected result by doing so. Therefore, divide your hair into several sections, roll them and pin them on the top. Start applying the bleach with bangs first. Then apply the bleach to all the sections and leave them loose one by one. Move from back to front. Do not apply the bleach on the roots leave an inch gap from the roots and apply the bleach. Also, if your hair is darker then do not bleach your roots immediately otherwise, they will end with two different colors. After applying the bleach all over the hair, leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap. Check one section whether you have got the desired result or not. If you haven’t got the desired result then leave it on for some more time.

4.) Processing Bleach to Get White Hair

Make sure that you do not leave the bleach on, for more than 45 minutes. It is the sufficient time. After 40-45 minutes, wash, condition and rinse your hair. Then towel dry your hair, once your hair dries, check whether you have got a bright yellow color or not. If you get the desired color then move ahead with toning and if not then you have to bleach your hair again until you get the pale yellow color.

5.) Toning to Get White Hair

Toning will polish your hair and remove all the flaws. For this, you need to have a good quality hair toner. If you have bought premixed toner then directly apply it to your hair otherwise, prepare the toner. The ratio of the toner and developer should be 1:2. For exact measurement read the back of the toner. Apply the toner to your damp hair. For applying the toner follow the same technique as you did for bleach (divide hair into sections). Make sure that the toner is evenly applied on your hair. Do not apply it to the scalp. Leave it on and after every 10 minutes check the color of your hair. Once you are sure that you have got the white color rinse the toner, shampoo and condition your hair. Dry it and check the color. If you missed any spot then repeat the entire process a few days later. For washing, your hair use a  purple shampoo.

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