20 Messy Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are among the best classic hairstyles. A messy look gives bob haircut a modern and glamorous hint. It looks trendy and also very easy to style. All you need to do is pick a flattering bob hairstyle for yourself that suits well to your face and personality. To help you we have listed below 20 messy bob hairstyles.

List of Messy Bob Hairstyles:

1.) Choppy Balayage Bob with Bangs

Choppy Balayage Bob with Bangs- Bob hairstyles

The choppy layers of the shoulder- grazing bob haircut are blended with the bangs in this hairstyle. The metallic copper balayage highlights take this hairstyle a notch higher. This is one of the classy mess bob hairstyles.

2.) Layered Shag

Layered Shag- Bob hairstyles

This bob style has lots of layers. It features both movement and volume. The layers at the end are razord to keep them wispy. This hairstyle is ideal for the thick hair. It is definitely one of the best messy bob hairstyles to try.

3.) Messy Casual Bob

Messy Casual Bob- Bob hairstyles

This is one of the simplest messy bob hairstyles. This will give you a chick look. To make it interesting you can opt for nice hair color.

4.) Messy Bob with Lightened Ends

Messy Bob with Lightened Ends- Bob hairstyles

Long bob messy hairstyle looks classy than the short bob hairstyle sometimes since it gives you freedom to try different hairstyles and updos. Thus, this is one of the best messy bob hairstyles 2016.

5.) Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob- Messy bob hairstyles

A short bob does not have to be necessarily neat even wavy hair looks stylish. It adds volume to your hair and showcases all new side of yours.

6.) Textured Bob with Bangs

Textured Bob with Bangs- Bob hairstyles

The combination of bob and bangs is classic. It gives you chic look. To keep it subtle you can go for brown hue highlight.

7.) Shaggy Brunette Bob with Face Framing Balayage

Shaggy Brunette Bob with Face Framing Balayage- Bob hairstyles

The face framing balayage will enhance your facial features. It will draw attention to your face and the brunette color will complete your look.

8.) Stiff Blonde Waves

Stiff Blonde Waves- Bob hairstyles

Disconnected, stiff waves with messy bob hairstyles give a volume. It is low on maintenance. The blonde hair will give you an instant makeover. This sophisticated hairstyle will definitely earn you lots of compliments.

9.) Natural-Looking Disheveled Hairstyle

Natural-Looking Disheveled Hairstyle- Bob hairstyles

Soft waves with subtle highlights and sticking out ends makes a classy hairstyle. This hairstyle is a breeze to have.

10.) Light Ash Brown Wispy Bob

Light Ash Brown Wispy Bob- Bob hairstyles

Messy hair can look rough sometimes, but wispy bob will never let you down. It looks so classy. It beautifully frames your face it gives you soft feminine look. Thus, it is one of the favorite messy bob hairstyles.

11.) Shag with Highlighted Layers

Shag with Highlighted Layers- Bob hairstyles

A tousled bob with layers is one of the simple bob hairstyles. It is so easy to style. If you take this look a notch higher then you can consider a light brown, caramel or dark blonde for your hair.

12.) Lively Asymmetric Bob

Lively Asymmetric Bob- Bob hairstyles

The highlight of this hairstyle is its texture. It has natural look. This quirky hairstyle will definitely earn you lots of compliments. Do try this it these summers.

13.) Sun Kissed Wavy Lob

Sun Kissed Wavy Lob- Bob hairstyles

The tousled texture always looks good with light waves. If you your hairstyle are too simple then you can go for sun-kissed balayage. It will softly frame your face and style you elegantly.

14.) Easy to Style Bob with Textures Ends

Easy to Style Bob with Textures Ends- Bob hairstyles

This simple to style look features effortless styling. The highlights enhance the ends. It is an ideal hairstyle for a special occasion to the casual day out.

15.) Long Messy Bob Haircut

Long Messy Bob Haircut-Bob hairstyles

This Angled A-line long bob haircut looks sexy. The nice and soft hair color makes it appealing. All you have to do is simply back con your locks and you are ready to dazzle.

16.) Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob- Bob hairstyles

 Angled bob is the ideal hairstyle to flaunt your ombre hair color. Keep the cut one length. This style will go well with thick air.

17.) Tousled Bob with Chunky Highlights

Tousled Bob with Chunky Highlights- Bob hairstyles

Tousled bob hairstyles perfectly showcase the bold streaks of color. It has chin length that is apt for a bob haircut. The hint of layering gives a flattering shape to this style.

18.) Blunt Cut with Fantastic Texture

Blunt Cut with Fantastic Texture- Bob hairstyles

A blunt haircut might look monotonous at times. To make it stylish you can choose a correct style and hair color. The subtle ombre highlights will work well with it and a glamorous quotient to your personality.

19.) Light Copper Tousled Hairstyles with Bangs

Light Copper Tousled Hairstyles with Bangs- Bob hairstles

Bangs accentuates the facial features and draws attention to your lovely face. The light copper messy hairstyle is one of the best messy bob hairstyles 2016.

20.) Rounded Bob

Rounded Bob- Bob hairstyles

This is one of the classic bob hairstyles. It gives a natural look. Highlights are enough to give this hairstyle a modern appeal.

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