20 Ideas for Burgundy Hair Color in Brunettes Blondes and Red Heads

In this article, we have listed best ideas for burgundy hair color in brunettes blonde and redheads. Burgundy color is considered as the perfect hair color for the brunettes and red heads. Burgundy hair color is popular mostly preferred as it is close to the natural hair color.

Ideas for Burgundy Color in Brunettes Blondes and Red Heads

1.) Classic Burgundy Color with Auburn Highlights

classic Burgundy hair color

This is a classic hair color you can get a dual toned hair color by highlighting hair with subtle auburn hair color.

2.) Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine Burgundy Hair Color

The mulled wine is the intense shade of burgundy. The color is like burgundy blending with red-maroon.

3.) Sexy Warm Burgundy Hair Color 

Sexy Warm Burgundy Hair Color

This hair color enhances your feminist look by adding the passionate color to your curled long locks.

4.) Rich Purple to Black Ombre Shade

Rich Purple to Balck Omber Shade of Burgundy Hair Color

This is a wonderful and intense color. You can get eggplant highlights to get a unique style of hair color. You will experience a highly contrasting appearance.

5.) Serene Burgundy

Serene Burgundy Hair Color

There are simple ways of coloring your hair. The serene color of your hair with cherry wood highlights gives you a decent and elegant look

6.) Rich Burgundy

Rich Burgandy Hair Color

This hair color is a luxurious, rich and vibrant. Add sparkles to your personality by filling your locks with the silk and juicy burgundy for your hair.

7.) Lavender Icing with Burgundy Color for Hair

Lavender Icing with Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy color with the blue palette is a charming combination. The combination of the duo looks great with curly hair. It is recommended to get some strands of lavender to get this awesome hair color combination.

8.) Cabernet shade of Burgundy with Purple 

Cabernet shade of Burgundy with Purple

This hair color combination gives you a ruby effect. The darker hue of cabernet with purple hues is a brilliant solution.

9.) Cinnamon Spiced Burgundy

Cinnamon Spiced Burgundy Hair Color

The hair color has warmer hues and the shade leans towards orange tint. This hair color is ideal for women with a fairer skin color.

10.) Burgundy Ombre

omber burgundy hair color

You can get this gorgeous hair color by adding a base of burgundy hue. While the color at the roots smoothly washes away at the ends.

11.) Burgundy Hair Color with Californian Highlights

Burgundy Hair Color with Californinan Highlights

The Californian highlights are unusual and trendy. The awesome combo of raspberry hues with that of cherry red streaks looks gorgeous.

12.) Fiery Burgundy Hair Color

Fiery Burgundy Hair Color

If you are looking for a loud extravagant look this hair color is best. The color looks great on people with fair complexion.

13.) Romantic Burgundy Hair color

Romantic Burgundy Hair color

If you have a tanned skin or a dusky skin you can get this hair color. The romantic burgundy is a lighter tone of astringent red.

14.) Ripe Raspberry Hair Color

Ripe Raspberry Hair Color

The ripe raspberry color is an elegant shade of burgundy hair color. The hair color is a bold one and close to the natural color.

15.) Extraordinary Burgundy Hair Color

Etraordinary Burgundy Hair Color

The extraordinary burgundy hair color is an intense but bright shade. You can get your hair highlighted with the hair to get a sun-kissed burgundy shine.

16.) Unexpected Burgundy Hair Color

Unexpected Burgundy Hair Color

This is a bright tone indeed. The hair color is bright, vibrant and rich. It suits all skin tone.

17.) Subtle Burgundy Hair Color

Subtle Burgundy Hair Color

The subtle burgundy is a sophisticated hair color. You can compose your hair color by adding honey highlights and subtle burgundy lowlights on medium brown base.

18.) Noble Burgundy Color for Hair

Noble Burgundy Hiar Color

The noble burgundy color is decent and flattering hair color, especially for the youths. You can tint your medium brown hair locks with burgundy.

19.) Delicate Burgundy Hair Color

Delicate Burgundy Hair Color

It is a complex hue of burgundy. The depth and elegance of this hair color are speechless. You will admire the glossy hair color when you are indoors and a sunkissed look when you rare outdoors.

20.) Pop of Burgundy Hair Color

Pop of Burgundy Hair Color

This is a bold and playful shade of burgundy. The bright and beautiful hue of burgundy is a unique hair color.

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