15 Trendiest Short Blonde Hairstyles and Haircuts

Short blonde hairstyles and haircuts have always been popular among celebrities. It has plenty of modifications and variations to offer. From short chops, messy pixie to bobs which looks appealing to women of all ages regardless of their hair texture and skin tone. Below we have listed 15 trendiest short blonde hairstyles and haircuts that are ideal for all the occasions.

List of Trendiest Short Blonde Hairstyles and Haircuts:

1.) The Marilyn Monroe Look

The Marilyn Monroe Look- Short blonde hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe was a diva known for her unique styling. You too can have a hairstyle like her with hot rollers and a nice haircut. Blonde hair was her trademark so now you know how you will get a look like her.

2.) Lightened Hair for Warm Undertones

Lightened Hair for Warm Undertones- Short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the nice short blonde hairstyles for the black women. The honey blonde hair will accentuate their looks further.

3.) Blonde with Bowl Cut

Blonde with Bowl Cut- Short blonde hairstyles

If you are looking for a funky hairstyle, you just found it. The bowl cut with the blunt bangs and blonde base will give you an exquisite look and keep your femininity intact.

4.) Braided Short Haircut

Braided Short Haircut- Short blonde hairstyles

These hairstyles break all the myths about the short haircuts. Braids are not restricted to long hair in fact, they can be donned with a short haircut as well.

5.) Blonde for Thin Hair

Blonde for Thin Hair- Short blonde hairstyles

Thin hair is difficult to style. They lack the volume that a hairstyle needs to stand out. A short bob cut is a perfect solution to add volume to your traces and the blonde base will give you a win-win look. This is definitely one of the classy short blonde hairstyles. Isn’t it?

6.) Red Ginger

Red Ginger- Short blonde hairstyles

If you want to add a pop of color to your short haircut, then this is a nice alternative for you. The red ginger hue will work well with your short haircut. To add spare sass go for a cut that is choppy on the ends.

7.) Elegant Short Blonde Hairstyle

Elegant Short Blonde Hairstyles

This is a perfect hairstyle for the girls who want to look stylish without styling much. The elegant short haircut with blonde with dark roots is all what you need. For a night party pair this with a bold eye makeup and people won’t resist complimenting you.

8.) Back Swept

Back Swept- Short blonde hairstyles

Side parting might give you a monotonous look. To break the monotony opt for the back swept style for an upcoming event like Nicky Whelan in the image. She looks so gorgeous with red lips. Doesn’t she?

9.) Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Bob Short Blonde Hairstyles

Bob is an evergreen hairstyle. It will never let you down. The dark roots and lighter strands is a perfect coloristic solution. This is one of the nice short blonde hairstyles for a night party.

10.) Bob with Flair Locks

Bob with Flair Locks- Short blonde hairstyles

The A-cut messy bob is a nice hair solution for the vacation on the beach. In fact, you can style it on your special occasions as well. You can style it further according to your outfit and mood.

11.) A- Line Bob with Highlights

A-Line Bob with Highlights- Short Blonde hairstyles

This is also a nice alternative to style a bob haircut. The highlights will add a glamorous touch to your looks. Ask your hairstylist for the elongated side bangs and short nape with less volume on the crown to make your hairstyle look best.

12.) Very Short Blonde Hair

Very Short Blonde Hairstyles

This hairstyle will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. All thanks to the sexy appeal that this style gives to your looks. Simply apply some hair gel to set your very short hair.

13.) Short Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Layered Short BlondeHairstyles

The layers work well with the short haircut. It frames the face nicely and allows you to accentuate any of your facial features. The voluminous wispy-crispy blonde hairstyle with dark roots will work well with this haircut.

14.) Chic Short Haircut

Chic Short Haircut- Short blonde hairstyles

Layered edgy locks like the one Addison Timlin has styled in the above image looks nice and voluminous.  The dark roots and sober blonde highlights add the dimension to this style. This is one of the trendiest short blonde hairstyles for a notorious girl in you.

15.) Short Blonde Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Short Blonde hairstyles -

Nothing can be soothing than this haircut and hairstyle. This simple yet elegant hairstyle will earn you many like compliments. The platinum blonde is the perfect match for this hairdo.

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