How to Bleach Your Hair?

Blonde and Light hair add a glamorous quotient into your looks. Gone are the days when girls dreamt of long and dark hair. Today light and blonde hair are in. However, it could be too time consuming and expensive. But if you want to save your time and want to work under budget that it’s best to bleach your hair yourself. Below we have listed the steps that will help you to bleach your hair.

Ingredients Needed to Bleach Your Hair:

  • Bleach powder
  • Creme developer (choose it according to the color of your hair)
  • Hair toner
  • Red gold corrector
  • Purple shampoo (shampoo for bleached hair)
  • A plastic wrap, tint brush and bowl.

Steps to Bleach Your Hair

Steps to Bleach Your Hair:

1.) Pre-Condition Your Hair

Before you start to bleach your hair condition them properly. Use a deep conditioner a day before to treat your hair. It will moisturize your hair. For effective results, you can make a hair mask or conditioner at home as well. The mixture of eggs, avocado, bananas, coconut oil, yogurt, and mayonnaise is an ideal natural conditioner. It will protect your hair from the damage that bleach will cause.

2.) Mix the Bleach

To find out the exact quantity of the bleach used to bleach your hair read the instructions listed on the back of the bleach packet. Generally, one part of the bleach is mixed with two parts of the toner. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in the bowl with a spatula or spoon. Then add red-gold corrector in the mixture. Read the instructions once again for the exact proportions. The mixture will turn into bluish-white.

3.) Do a Strand Test

Before you bleach your hair does a strand test. Take a thin bunch of hair from the nape of your head and spray peroxide on it. Make sure the roots and the ends of the hair are well covered with the peroxide. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes. Then rinse your hair and check the color of the hair. This will help you to know whether you to whether you will get the desired color or not. Also, this will help you to know how much time the peroxide should be left in the hair to get the desired results.

4.) Divide Your Hair into Sections

Divide your hair into various sections. This will make easy for you to bleach your hair. Twist the sections on the top of the head and secure them with clip. While applying the bleach unclip the sections one by one. And do not clip the section that you going to bleach first. Before bleaching your hair wear hand gloves and always use a hair brush to apply bleach.

5.) Bleach Your Hair

Apply bleach on hair with a tint brush starting from the roots of the hair to the end of it. Keep the unbleached hair separately. Make sure that you do not rub the bleach onto your head. The chemicals will burn your scalp. To bleach streaks into your hair separate the bleached hair, spray the peroxide into them and wrap them in the foil paper. To make the entire process convenient bleach your front hair first. Leave them for given time and then rinse them. Then bleach the back section of the hair.

6.) Leave the Bleach On

Once you have applied bleach to your hair, cover your hair with the shower mask. You won’t very light hair color then leave it on for a longer period. Make sure that you check the bleach after every 15 minutes. If your hair still looks darker than reply the bleach. Leave it on for another 10-15 minutes. Leaving bleach on hair for 30-40 minutes is sufficient to get the desired result.

7.) Rinse the Bleach

Once you get the desired color, it’s time to rinse your hair. Rinse your hair with the cold water. Then use purple shampoo to wash your hair. After washing them, dry the damp hair and check the color of the hair. The hair will lighten according to your hair color. For example, if you have dark brown hair then it will turn into chestnut-brown, red hair into orange and so on. If you are satisfied with your hair color then it’s good and if you are not then you can go ahead with a hair toner.

8.) After Bleach

If you are not satisfied with the final hair color or want blonde hair or to even out the imperfection then use a hair toner. However, it can give you gray hair also. If you want to apply toner then make sure that you have thoroughly bleached your hair and now you are not going to bleach your hair anytime soon. And before applying toner wash and dry your hair.

9.) Prepare the Toner

In an old bowl with the help of spatula mix exact amount of toner, red-gold corrector, and developer. Be sure to check the instructions for exact proportions.

10.) Apply the Toner

With the help of the tint brush apply the toner on your dried hair. You can again divide your hair into sections for doing so. And unclip the sections one by one while applying the toner. Once you have applied the toner onto your hair, leave it on for 30 minutes. The toner will turn into a dark purple color. Check your hair after every 15 minutes until you get the desired color. Once you get the desired color, rinse your hair with cold water. Shampoo it with purple shampoo. Rinse the shampoo nicely otherwise it will stain your towel.

Precautions Taken While Bleaching Hair:

  • While handling the bleach wear hand gloves.
  • Do a skin test before applying the bleach onto your hair. This will help you to know whether it suits you or not.
  • Try to avoid the hair toner.
  • Use oil bowl and spatula for preparing the bleach. Do not use the used utensils in the kitchen.
  • Cover your neck, forehead and eyes while applying bleach onto your hair.
  • Keep a good care of your hair.
  • Do not apply bleach if you have scalp infection or your hair are damaged.
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