How to Do Peekaboo Highlights? (Peek a Boo)

If you no longer adore your regular hair color then it’s time to do peekaboo highlights (Peek a Boo) and for a quick makeover. Nothing can be best then peekaboo highlights. It’s easy to do at home without calling a hairstylist and spending hefty amount. Peekaboo highlights are currently trendsetting, so if you too want to set a trend then give a node for peekaboo highlights. And if it is yes from you, then have a look at the steps to do peekaboo highlights at home.

Peekaboo highlights are mainly applied to the back section, bangs and to the sides. There are a variety of colors to choose from like natural, dark shades, pastel shades, and neons that are trendsetters for this season etc. So choose your favorite color and we will tell you the ways to do peek a boo highlights at home.

Things Required to Do Peekaboo Highlights:

  • Bleach
  • Hair color
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Hair brush
  • Few hair clips
  • Tail comb

Steps to Do Peekaboo Highlights:

Follow the different steps given below:

Decide a Color to Do Peekaboo Highlights

Decide a Color to Do Peekaboo Highlights

If You Have Dark Hair:

To do peekaboo highlights, the first and most important thing are to decide a color that you want to highlight. There are several color options. If you do not want to add dramatic effect and just want dimensions in your tresses then choose a hair shade that is few color lighter from your hair color. You can go for copper tones, dark blonde or warm browns. The light color will give a nice effect to your tresses. On the contrary, if you are looking for a bold color then pinks, reds, purples, and blues are good color options for you. During the whole process, the tresses will get bleached so if you want to try your hands on darker shade then choose any among them. Moreover, you can opt for more than one color. It will give you classy and exquisite look that surely envy others.

If You Have Light Hair:

If you have light hair color then you won’t need to bleach your tresses since they are already lighter. This will save your tresses from the harsh chemicals infused in the bleach. For highlights, you can opt for any of the hair shade that is darker than your hair color. However, make sure that you choose a color that comes best on your face and texture of the hair. To example, if you have blonde hair then black streaks will be best for you.

Where to Do Peekaboo Highlights

Where to Do Peekaboo Highlights

Once you have decided a color that you going to highlight your tresses, it’s time to decide where to highlight. Obviously, you will highlight it on your tresses! But we mean which area or how much hair you want to do peekaboo highlights. Peekaboo highlights add a subtle coloring to your tresses and make you stand out of the crowd. However, do not highlight more than 1/3rd of your tresses. From inner more layer, you can opt for 8-10 streaks. For sassy looks, you can color the inner layer of your bangs as well. Once you have decided which part you want to highlight, pin-up left part. For covering use shower cap and make some sections of half an inch for highlights. To highlight all your streaks separate each section by pinning them at the top.

Time to Bleach Your Tresses

Bleach Your Tresses- Do Peekaboo Highlights

If you have dark hair color then you have to bleach your locks for a light peek a boo highlight. To protect your locks from the harsh chemicals present in the bleach, apply some petroleum jelly or vaseline on your tresses that will be left uncolored. Then mix bleach according to the length of your hair. While mixing it read the directions listed on the packet . Then spread the bleach on your tresses to do peekaboo highlights using a hair brush. Do it properly, make sure you cover the length of the each section. Remember, not to start coloring from the roots as it can damage your scalp as well as hair roots. Always start applying color with the gap of 1 half inches from the roots. Then cover your hair with aluminum foil nicely folding from the bottom to top and leave it for the time given on the packet.

Note: Bleach is used to lighten the dark hair color.

Apply Decided Color

Procedure to Do Peekaboo Highlights

Finally, when you are done with the bleaching part, completely wash your hair with shampoo to remove all the bleach. Now, it’s time for peekaboo highlights. Spread the color that you have decided on the hair strands (that you want to highlight) Wait for a few minutes until the color develops. The take for color development is based on the color you have chosen and texture of your hair. Make sure that you read the directions written on the back of the packet. Once the color is developed, apply the hair color keeping your hair on an aluminum foil that will help separate your hair as well as get you your desired peek a boo highlights. Check your hair color, opening the aluminum foil after 15 minutes. If it is done, then rinse it off or keep it for another 10-15 minutes then you can further proceed the washing process. After washing let your hair dry on its own or use a dryer that will give a finished look.

Maintain Your Streaks

Once you are done with the peekaboo highlights, the nest step is to maintain it. If you want to keep your streaks for a long time, then use color designed shampoo to maintain the brightness of the color. Moreover, you need to recolor and bleach from time to time to keep it beautiful looking.

Tips to Remember to Do Peekaboo Highlights:

  • For coloring choose a random section of your tresses. However, they should be placed in a fine pattern otherwise, they will look odd. You can try the crown area with few highlights or the inner streaks or the global side streaks.
  • Make sure that you chose the best color otherwise, it won’t give a good impact.
  • Ask your partner or friend to cover the back sections since you won’t be able to do so neatly.
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