How to Do a French Braid (Basic French Braid)

French braid is counted all amongst the complicated hairstyle that everyone love to don but few have expertise in it. To make this cute hairstyle easy for you, we have come up with  easy steps to do a french braid. These steps will guide you to make a perfect french braid.

Steps to Do a French Braid:

1.) Brush Your Hair

Brush Your Hair- Do a french braid

First of all, brush your hair with a paddle brush or broad tooth comb. It will remove all the knots, frizziness and prepare your hair for the french braid. If you want to make more then once french braid then part your hair accordingly. To get a soft and natural waves you can braid in wet hair however for a neat look braiding in dry hair is beneficial.

2.) Make Sections to Do a French

Make Sections - Do a French braid

Once you have brushed your hair its time to divide your hair into sections. Pick a bunch of strands from the middle of your head (around nape). Make sure that the bunch of strands must be from same hair row. If you have bangs then it’s totally your choice to get them in the braid or to loose them loose. If you want to take them then you need to start braiding from the top pf the head. Initially, the braid will be thin but gradually it will get thicker so you do not have to worry about the volume of your hair. To avoid any fuzz you can tie the  bunch with an elastic band.

3.) Separate the Bunch of Strands into 3 Sections

Separate the Bunch of Strands into 3 Sections- Do a french braid

Divide the bunch of hair that you have picked into 3 sections. For correct positioning hold two sections in one hand and the third one another hand. To start with braid, pick the right section of hair  and leave it over the center (make sure the braid is tight). Then pick the left section and leave it over the center. Repeat this until you get few rows of this classic braid.

4.) Continue the Braid while Adding Leftover Hair to Do a French Braid

Continue the Braid while Adding Leftover Hair- Do a french braid

Continue the step number 3. Once you have made a good number of rows of this braid add other pieces of your tresses in the braid. Take some hair from the sides and include it in the braid. Similarly, keep adding the tresses. Continue the braid by incorporating all the hair in the flow. To make things easy for yourself pin up your short hair otherwise they will run out of braid and give you shabby look.

5.) Secure the Braid with Rubber Band to Do a French Braid

Secure the Braid with Rubber Band- Do a french braid

Continue the braid until you reach the ends of your hair. Once you reach there leave half inch gap from the ends and tie theme with a nice rubber band and your french bread is ready.

Steps to Do a French Lace Braid:

1.) Remove Tangles

Remove Tangles- Do a french braid

Before making a french lace braid remove all the tangles from your hair. Brush them thoroughly. You can make french lace braid either at one side or both the sides. For this, you need to part your tresses. So accordingly either so a side part or a center part.

2.) Hold Three Sections

Hold Three Sections- Do a french braid

Once you decide that at which side you want lace french braid, take a bunch of hair in your hand and divide it into 3 equal sections. The bunch of hair depends on the thickness of the braid that you want.

3.) Start Making Plait

Start Making Plait- Do a french braid

After dividing the bunch of hair into three sections start making a traditional braid. Grab the right section of hair and drop it on the left covering the center section. Then grab the left section and drop it over the center section.

4.) Keep Adding the New Hair

Keep Adding the New Hair- Do a french braid

Once you start making the braid, keep taking the hair from the side. However, do not take hair from both the sides like a french braid. In lace, french braid hair has to be taken from one side only.

5.) Braid Around Your Head

Braid Around Your Head- Do a french braid

Once you know the technique of the lace french braid, you can continue braiding around the head. Make sure that the braid falls slanting so that you can tug the ends of the braid beneath the other ear.

Watch this Video to Do a French Braid ( Basic French Braid)

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