How to Check for Lice?

Head lice are a very unpleasant and serious problem that may make your child’s life miserable. The worst part about these parasites is they can live on the scalp and the clothes of the infected person. They may lay eggs on the scalp of your hair and increase their population. So, if your child is facing the problem of head lice, then it is really important to check for lice. In this article, we are going to guide you about different ways to diagnose and check for lice.

Ways to Check for Lice:

Here are few ways that you may follow to check for lice. These are very easy and simple ways that may help a lot to check for lice:

how to check for lice

1.) Wash Your Child’s Hair and Comb it to Check for Lice:

This is a very simple and great way to check for lice. But it is important to use conditioner and shampoo in this process. The very first step to check for lice is to wash your hair. You will also notice that the moisture due to washing will prevent the movement of lice along your scalp. The usage of conditioner will make it easy for you to comb the hair of your child. When you will comb hair you will notice that lice will fall on your child’s cloth or some of them also crawl on the comb. This is one of the best methods to check for lice. Also, remember to use a comb containing gaps not less than 0.2mm for this process.

2.) Use Fine Toothed Lice Comb:

It is another great way to check for lice. All you need to brush your child’s hair with a fine-toothed lice comb. The lice will simply get stuck between the tooth of the comb. It is a great way to check for lice. So, try this method. It is one of the best ways to check for lice.

3.) Ways to Check for Lice on Dry Hair:

Here are few important ways that you may try to check for lice on dry hair:

  • The very first step is to check for your child’s scalp. If you are unable to see lice then you may simply notice the symptoms. You will find sores and rash on the scalp of your child where they usually scratch due to lice infestation.
  • You can also look for the movement of lice on the head. Though these parasites are very small and walk very fast, so this method may be quite difficult. But, it is a great way that will help you in finding lice if you have high vision.
  • You can also check for lice by looking for lice eggs. You can identify these eggs through their appearance. These are basically yellowish or white eggs that have a tear-drop shape. These eggs get attached near to your scalp. You may easily recognize them. But, it is not easy to recognize nits, then you may simply feel them with your fingers. They will feel like granules of sand or grains.
  • It is also very important to differentiate nits from dandruff and flakes. At times, people may get wrong signals and they assume dandruff and flakes as nits while in reality it is not the same. The basic difference between these two is very small. It is just that nits stick to your scalp like a glue while it is not the same condition with dandruff and flakes.

4.) Few Signs and Symptoms:

Here are the few signs and symptoms that you will see due to lice infestation. These are very common signs that will help you to check for lice:

  • The most common sign of lice infestation is tickling feeling on the scalp. You notice that your child will keep on scratching his scalp due to this tingling sensation.
  • The person who is facing the problem of lice will also sense that something is moving or can be crawling on his scalp of the hair. This is a very common sign a person may notice due to lice infestation.
  • There will be also itching sensation caused by an allergic reaction due to lice bites.
  • You will also notice your kids may scratch or rub their scalp frequently.
  • There will be the development of sores or rashes on the scalp of your head by scratching.
  • You will feel certain irritability on the scalp of your head.
  • The child will also feel trouble in sleeping.

So, notice lice infestation by keeping eyes on few important signs and symptoms. This is a great way to check for lice.

Few Preventive Methods to Avoid Lice Infestation:

Here are few preventive and important ways you may follow to prevent lice infestation:

  • Never let your child use the comb of another person. This is one of the major causes of lice infestation on a scalp.
  • Tell your child to avoid sharing helmets, caps, hats, and comb with any other person.
  • Keep on cleaning the laundry at frequent intervals.
  • Keep your home and furniture clean. It is a great way to prevent contagious lice.

So, try to follow the above ways and prevent lice infestation. Also, when you notice a single sign of lice infestation, then don’t take it for granted. This problem may spread vigorously and create huge havoc in the life of your child. Try to treat it as soon as you see it. It is very easy to check for lice all you need to follow the above ways sincerely.

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  1. Knowing the sings of lice would be good for every parent to know. Your children are in constant contact with others at schools, daycare’s, and other activities. Knowing the signs of lice will help you to spot them if they appear. Then you can get your child properly treated to get rid of the lice.

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