20 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are not only famous in Africa, but they are becoming a trend in America as well. With so many different types of styling options, people are getting crazy these days to try something new that fits their personality and look. So, if you are among them, then you must simply go for braided hairstyles. They look extremely stylish and adds a lot of charm to your personality. This article is going to guide you about 20 cool black braided hairstyles that will enhance your look and personality.

Top 20 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles:

1.) Knee Length Box Braids ( Beyonce Black Braided Look):

Beyonce is a complete stunner with her unique style. Who doesn’t want to look like her? Her knee length box braids make her more gorgeous. It adds more charm to the beauty of a woman. It makes her more alluring and sex-appealing. So, go for knee length box braids. It is one of the best black braided hairstyles for long hair.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Knee Length Box Braids

2.) The Braid Back Updo (Halle Berry Black Braided Hair Style):

Though, we don’t see this gorgeous celebrity more frequently. But, any beautiful and confident woman will appear more elegant by forming this hair style. It is one of the most classy black braided hairstyles.


3.) Loose Braided Pigtails:

It is one of the amazing bride black braided hairstyles. It looks perfect with the gowns.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Loose Braided Pigtails

4.) Braided Bangs:

It is one of the most stylish black braided hairstyles. It gives you cute, adorable, and innocent look. So, if you are teenagers or you just want to get ready for college. Then, nothing can work better than this amazing hairstyle.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Braided Bangs

5.) Box Braid Bun:

This is the very famous style that almost every African woman has tried once in her lifetime. It signifies your simplicity and make you appear more and more beautiful and stunning.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Box Braid Bun

6.) Dreadlocks:

Dreadlocks look absolutely great on the face of a black woman. It adds more charm to their personality. So, try out this kind of black braided hairstyles if you are a black woman.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Dreadlocks

7.) Goddess Braid:

To look like a diva, a queen or a goddess. This is the best look you may try on your hair. Make a crown with your hair. This is the best braid that may add more beauty to your face. It is also a great way to avoid annoying strands on your face. So, experience a goddess look by making a goddess braid. It is one of the best black braided hairstyles.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Goddess Braid

 8.) Cornrows with French Roll Updo:

Smaller braid tends to last longer. They look amazing on the black woman. It upgrades their personality and looks good on round and oval shape face.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Cornrows with French Roll Updo

9.) Side Braid with Accessories:

This is the best black braided hairstyles for a bride. When you make a side braid with accessories then you look more beautiful and charming. The reason is simple few accessories can enhance your beauty and increase your charm, especially when it is made with your bridal gown.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Side Braid with Accessories

10.) Marley Twists:

This Hairstyle totally looks amazing on the black woman having long and thick hair. All you need to make the chunky two-strand twist. The puffiness will look better and amazing. It is a great way to look messy and sexy in your own way.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Marley Twists

11.) Cornrows Braid (For Men):

This is an amazing look that suits both white men as well as black men. Just go for it and experience a whole new look. This looks amazing on artists and musicians. So, if you belong to the creative industry, then go for it. It is a good and an ideal hairstyle for maintaining your hair by protecting it from dust.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Cornrows Braid for Men

12.) Crown Braid (Rosario Dawson Black Braided Hair Style):

If you want to look like a queen having a beautiful braided crown, then you must go for this amazing look. It is the most feminine black braided hairstyles for the women who want to look like an angel.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Crown Braid

13.) Twisted Updo:

Well, black hair looks extremely amazing with twists. It is a great way to to look more attractive.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Twisted Updo

14.) Tiny Black Braids (For Men):

These tiny braids look extremely amazing on any men. This is one of the coolest black braided hairstyles men should try.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Tiny Black Braids for Men

15.) Fishtail Side Braid:

This is a very famous hairstyle that suits each and every kind of attire you wear.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Fishtail Side Braid

16.) Chunky Side Braid:

This hairstyle looks amazing on a woman having long hair. Though it is a very simple black braided hairstyle but it looks completely stunning. You look sexy with this stunning hairstyle.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Chunky Side Braid

17.)  Double Side Braids:

This hairstyle is very common now a day. This is an easy way to look edgy and hot at the same time. You need to make a sleek and tight braid on one side of your head. It looks appealing and add more charm to your face.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Double Side Braids

18.) Sleek Fishtail Pony:

This look will suit with every kind of personality and any kind of dress. Sleek fishtail pony looks amazing on an oval and thin face. It enhances the features and make you look more appealing.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Sleek Fishtail Pony

19.) French Braid:

These very trendy and common hairstyle people follow these days. You can simply make a French braid or you may even go for a French braid ponytail. It looks stunning on almost every attire you wear. So, go for it. It suits every casual occasion and look pretty on your hair.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles French Braid

20.) Braid Bun:

It looks completely classy, simple, and stunning. It is not very hard to make this bun. You may prepare it easily. So, go for it and make it on your hair to add more beauty.

Cool Black Braided Hairstyles Braid Bun

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