20 Trendy Black Braided Updos

Braided hairstyles are intricate and sophisticated. There are many elegant and sophisticated hairstyles with which you can customize your hairstyle. Braided hairstyle has gained popularity in the recent past as the most fashionable hairstyle. The list of braided hairstyle contains hairstyles which are traditional like the flower braid and fishtail braids. While there are other braided styles like the Caucasian braids, poetic justice or the box braids, jumbo box braids and micro braids as well. These belong to the traditional African hairstyles. Here in this article, we will list best black braided updos for you to choose from.

20 Trendy Black Braided Updos:

1.) Box Braids High Ponytail Updo

Big Box Braids High Ponytail Black Braided Updos

This is among the easy and simple hairstyle with braids. You can customize your jumbo braids hairstyle by tieing them up to create a high pony. This is a hairstyle which gives you a bold and a confident look.

2.) Box Braided Bun Updo

Big Box braids Bun Black braided updos

Box braided buns are the most elegant hairstyles. You can make structural buns by wrapping them together. Remember that it should not exceed the size of your head. With this, you can get easy and voluminous hairstyle with this hair bun.

3.) Half Hair Black Braided Updos

Half Hair Black Braided Updos

This is a romantic braided hairdo. All you need to do is gather some of the braids at the top and the front to tie or pin them together. You can also use a pretty accessorize to tie them up.

4.) Iconic Fish Braided Updos

Iconic Fish Black Braided Updos

This hairstyle gives you a sophisticated look. You can create a fish braid with the oversized jumbo box braids and add mohawk features to your hairstyle at the crown.

5.) Beehive Black Braided Updos

Beehive Black Braided Updos

You can also go for a classy oversized hairstyle. Be careful because it does not suit every girl. To create a jumbo beehive hair bun you will need really long and jumbo box braids.

6.) Black Braided Front Bun Updos

Black Braided updos Front Bun

If you want to make a big bun out of your big box braids here is a unique hairstyle. For this, you can simply gather the braids at the front of your hairline and the crown to create a jumbo size bun out of it.

7.) Black Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Black Braided Updos Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyles are cool and stunning. To create this classy hairdo yo need to make two side jumbo braids by taking the hair on the back side, after that create a jumbo box braid with the hair at the top and the front side. Later customize and tie the jumbo box braid in a mohawk style.

8.) Black Braided Updos with Undercuts

Black Braided Updos with Undercuts

This hairstyle is popular among the youths. You can create an impression with the unique and unusual undercuts with the braided hair add structural shaved hairdo’s to get the tribal look.

9.) Intricate Black Braids Updos

Intricate Black Braids Updos

You can style your large box braid with a beautiful and intricate design. Choose the braids along your front hairline to get a sophisticated look.

10.) Curly Bun Black Braided Updo

Curly bun black braided updos

You can also customize your hairstyle by creating a curly bun out of your braided hair. For this hairstyle, you need to half braid your hair so that the ends remain free and curly. Bump the rows of the braids at the center and secure them with pins to create this classy hairstyle.

11.) Corn French Black Braided Updos

Cornrow french black braided updo

A mix of corn row braids and the french braids is one of the classy hairstyles. You can customize your hairstyle by creating some lovely cornrow pulled up along the sides to get an iconic look.

12.) Jet Black Braided Senegalese Twisted Updos

Cornrow french black braided updos

This is a small and stylish hairdo which does not take much time. Pull your hair along the hairline and create a Senegalese twisted hairdo.

13.) Braided Side Bun

Side bun black braided updos

For bridesmaid, braided hairstyles are for the long hair. The braided side bun is actually a unique design. This hairstyle helps to define your face and is definitely a pretty hairstyle for rare occasion.

14.) French Braided Bun

French bun black braided updos

French braids are a unique and outstanding hairstyle which never goes out of fashion. You can customize your hairstyle by creating a beautiful bun out of the french braid.

15.) Black Braided Top Knot Updos

Top Knot Black Braided Updos

This hairstyle is also a type of bun hairstyle which features an oversized bun out of box braids. The bun looks like a knot. To add up to your hairstyle you can add a scarf.

16.) Elegant Simple Black Braided Bun 

Simple and elegant bun black braided updos

This hairstyle is for special events or occasions. This hairstyle is elegant, easy and stunning. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits all skin complexion. All you need to do is tie your hair to a sleek and neat bun.

17.) Superb Intricate Black Braided Patterns 

Superb Intricate bun black braided updos

If you have micro braids you can get creative hairstyle by making an intricate pattern out of it. This is a sophisticated hairstyle and would go great for special occasions and events.

18.) Gorgeous French Black Braids Updos

French black braided updos

This is a brilliant idea to get a gorgeous hairstyle. You can customize your hairstyle with a sleek side-swept hairstyle featuring french braid.

19.) Trendy Messy Black Braided Updos

Messy black braided updos

A messy hairstyle has feminine and sex appeal and looks great with braids. You can get this effortless look by creating a fishtail with the long hair at the back while the hair at the top are twisted gradually. If you want to define your hairstyle you can make cornrows with the hair at the side.

20.) Braids with Twisted Hairstyle

Twisted Black Braided Updos

A perfect twist can do the job for you. This is a sophisticated hairstyle where the braids are interlaced with a twist. The hairstyle looks great with a bun.

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