15 Chic Wedding Hair Updos for Elegant Brides

When it comes to wedding hairstyles most of the would-be brides opt for an elegant hair updo. The updos compliment the delicate bridal updo. An updo and wedding gown have been a traditional duo that brings delicacy and elegance to the bride’s image. Read more to know chic wedding hair updos for elegant brides.

List of Chic Wedding Hair Updos for Elegant Brides

1.) Hairdo with Pearls

Hairdo with Pearls- Chic wedding hair updos

This is definitely one of the chic wedding hair updos. Pearls add shine to the bride hairstyle and enhances the texture of her hair without making it over the top.  Also, the color of the pearls will go well with your white wedding dress.

2.) Dramatic Look

Dramatic Look- wedding hair updos

A subtle look always speaks volume, the loud hairstyle looks clumsy instead. This bohemian hairstyle is perfect for the wedding at the beach. The curls flow free on the sides complements the entire look.

3.) Classic Hairstyle

Classic Hairstyle- wedding hair updos

This is definitely one of the chic wedding hair updos. The floral headpiece makes this hairstyle a heads turner. This intricate free-flowing bun is a perfect hairstyle for brides.

4.) Two-Toned Twist

Two-Toned Twist wedding hair updos

A hair color adds an unique touch to the hairstyle for the wedding, especially if you want to create some depth. This detailed, twisted hairdo gives an elegant look and the floral piece takes this look a step forward.

5.) Classy Finger Waves

Classy Finger Waves wedding hair updos

These finger waves give a classy look. This hairstyle is inspired from the 80’s. The small bouffant with larger than life waves is a perfect match for the wedding.

6.) Bold Bun

Bold Bun- Wedding hair updos

This high bun adorned with a floral headpiece is a nice option for a wedding. The floral headpiece looks like a crown. Match this with a long white gown to get princess like look on your big day.

7.) Floral Faux Hawk

Floral Faux Hawk- Wedding hair updos
This is the elegant variation of the faux hawk hairstyle. This curled loose style appears classy and sweet. The floral piece gives it an interesting look.

8.) Breathtaking Hairdo

Breathtaking Hairdo wedding hair updos

A wedding hairstyle should be flattering. It could be laborious and intricate enough to get attention. This is definitely one of the chic wedding hair updos to try this year.

9.) Fresh Curly Bun

Fresh Curly Bun- wedding hair updos

This is one of the ideal wedding hair updos for short hair. This will give you a queen like look that you deserve to be on your D- day. The floral accessory makes this looks stand apart.

10.) Wedding Updo with a Bridal Veil

Wedding hair Updos with a Bridal Veil

This type of hairstyle is quite feminine and edgy. The tall updo with a curly bunch on the crown looks cool with fancy boby pins and the lace veil. This fancy hairstyle will definitely garner you loads of eyeballs and compliments.

11.) Wedding Updo with Bouffant

Wedding hair Updos with Bouffant

A bouffant is a nice choice for the wedding. It will give you a flattering look and your partner would won’t resist himself from complimenting you. The embroiled headpiece takes this look a notch forward.

12.) Vintage Wedding Updo

Vintage Wedding Updo- Wedding hair updos

This hairstyle is quite inspired from the retro style of hair. The fancy hair accessory completes the look. It is a perfect chic wedding hair updos for elegant brides.

13.) Bridal Updo for Medium Hair

Bridal Updo for Medium Hair- Wedding hair updos

This hairstyle is ideal for shoulder length hair. The messy side bun and the inverted braid with classy hair accessory is lovely solution of the wedding hair updos.

14.) Wedding Updo for Very Short Hair

Wedding Updo for Very Short Hair- Wedding hair updos

This is a perfect hairstyle for would be bride with short hair. Simply curl your hair and place a nice hair band. The matching veil completes the look.

15.) Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

Romantic Wedding Hair updos

This is the classy variation of the bob hairstyle. The light waves with floral head accessories add depth to the look. The side bangs enhance your facial features. Isn’t it a best way to draw attention towards your gleaming eyes? Indeed it is!

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