20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Girls who are going to stand by your close once the big day should look great. The bridesmaid week is all about boho styling, dresses shopping and not to forget the hairstyles. Do not get confused with the hairdo’s to help you out we will list some simple to complicated unique bridesmaid hairstyles for you to choose for the special appearance. In this article, we will discuss hairstyles for the bridesmaid.

20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

1.) Through the Loop Hairstyles

Starting with the easiest once we can list this style as the easiest one. It is the easiest style but is counted as one of the most elegant and pretty. All you have to do is tie a low ponytail and loop the ponytail through the center of the place you have tied the pony.

20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

2.) Loose and Silky Bridesmaid Hairstyles 

Sometimes you can just leave your hair loose and look flawless and relaxed. Loose hairstyle not only makes your style look classy but also prevents hair damage. So, you can just let them free and beautify your hairdo by adding some flowers.

Loose and Silky Bridesmaid Hairstyles

3.) Ribbons for Bridesmaid Hairstyle

You can also use ribbons for the hairstyle. just enhance the look by adding a ribbon of soft colour. You can just wrap your loose hairdo with a ribbon or just braid a part of your hair to make a stylish band.

Ribbons for Bridesmaid Hairstyle

4.) Highlighted Natural Hair for Bridesmaid

If you have an Afro-American feature and have curly hair. Then the best thing you can do is just leave them natural. You can adopt a shade of brown and use a single bloom flower to highlight the hairstyle.

natural bridesmaid hairstyle

4.) Beachy Wave Brides Hairstyles

If you want some wavy hairstyle for the special event you can go for the beachy wavy hairdo with some vibrant flowers. This has been a great trend for destination marriages held in the sea sides.

Beachy Wave Brides Hairstyles

5.) Chignon Brides Hairstyles

It is the most charming hairstyles. The hairstyle is the perfect mix of elegance and modern style.

chignon Brides Hairstyles

6.) Half Up and Half Down Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If you have thick and long hair this hairstyle is simply impressive. It looks great with lush smooth and touchable curls.

Half Up and Half Down Bridesmaid Hairstyles

7.) Floral Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Flowers is perfect for weddings. You can just use them for your hairstyles and get the gracious hairdo. Just add a pretty headpiece or a single bloom flower.

Floral Bridesmaid Hairstyles

8.) Side Swept Bridesmaid Hairstyles

You can simple side swept your hair to get ready for the special event. Get some beautiful curls, if you want to add things up you can add some accessories too.

Side Swept Bridesmaid Hiarstyles

9.) Messy Bun for Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Messy buns are so much in fashion. they look elegant and effortless. They look if perfectly paired with your face makeup and look.

Messy bun Bridesmaid Hiarstyles

10.) Pony Tail Bridesmaid Hairstyles

A loose and messy low ponytail can be the perfect hairstyle for the relaxed ceremony. This hairstyle is easy and one of the classic hairstyles for the  bridesmaid.

pony tail Bridesmaid Hiarstyles

11.) Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

The braided hairstyle looks great for wedding occasion. You can get some fabulous braids to you hair do. It’s and ideal hairstyle as they can really steal the show with creative braided hairstyle on long hair.

Braided Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

12.) Bohemian Tail Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

No one can regret the bohemian influence on the wedding scenario. There are irresistible hairstyles for brides and bridesmaid.

Bohemian Tail Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

13.) Waterfall Braids for Bridesmaid

If your hair is up to shoulder length than this hairstyle is the best one for you. You can combine a loose braid with barrel curls and flowers to get the versatile look for the wedding.

Waterfall Braids for Bribesmaid

14.) Loose Asymmetric Swoops Hairstyles

Loose hairdo with side swoop is one of the lovely hairstyles for the bridesmaid. Keep it messy and add a wedding hair piece to the look.

side swoop for Bribesmaid

15.) Cascade Curls for Bridesmaid Hairstyles

It looks like the waterfall braided hairstyle but the fact is that it is more sophisticated. The curls at the back are ornamented with a beautiful hairpiece.

Cascade Curls for Bridesmaid Hairstyles

16.) Woven Braided Bun for Bridesmaid

A well open braided bun looks neat and stylish for such events. You can try this hairstyle for  a romantic flair.

Woven Braided Bun for Bridesmaid

17.) Freestyle Hairdo’s for Bridesmaid

Freestyle hairstyles are also popular hairstyles for the bridesmaid. This hairstyle is simple from the front and elaborated with curls at the back.

Freestyle Hairdo's for Bridesmaid

18.) Knotted Ponytail for Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If you don’t want a simple ponytail you can go for an elegant low ponytail. It is very helpful if you have untamed hair.

Knotted Ponytail for Bridesmaid Hairstyles

19.) Hairstyles with Bands for Bridesmaid

You can also use beautiful bands and hair pieces. You cam also braid some strands of your hair to make a band out of it.

Hairstyles with Bands for Bridesmaid

20.) French Braid Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

French braids are elegant and amazing hairstyle. The hairstyle is perfect for the romantic gathering. You can add some pretty hair accessorize to bring up to bring up the beauty.

French Braid Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

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