How to French Braid?

The braiding hairstyle is the most stylish, creative and sophisticated one. There are various ways you can braid your hair but the French braid is the one which tops the list. You can twist your hair tousle it or coil your hair with a French braid. You can get the elegant braided hairstyles only when you know how to make it. Here you can learn to make the French braid.

Steps to Make French Braid

Steps to Make French Braid

1.) Get a Proper Hair Wash

A proper hairstyle needs a neat and clean hair. For braiding the hair you need clean and untangled hair. Wash your hair to remove away the dust and oil. This will clean your hair and helps you to get smooth hair.

2.) Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair this will make your hair smooth and ready for the braid. For getting rid of the tangles you can use a detangling comb. This will initially help you to solve the tangles without much hair on the comb. Later you can use a fine comb.

3.) Collect the Hair at the Top

The hairstyle starts usually from the top section of your head. So if you have to start a French braid all you need to do is collect the hair at the crown. Gather a big chunk from the top of the head. Keep in mind that this section must be in a row and 3-4 inches wide. For girls who have bangs can gather hair from the part where the hair are longer, just avoid the bangs.

4.) Make Sections to Make a French Braid

Like the traditional braids, the French braid is also of three sections. You need to make three sections out of the chunk of hair from the upper section of the hair. You can use your running fingers through the chunk to make the sections. One in the left, a section at the centre and one in the right. The sections should be equal a smaller or bigger one can spoil the beauty of your braid. So make sure that the sections are equal in size and volume. Like any other braid French braid is made by intertwining this three sections.

5.) Position Your Hands to Start the Braid

Hold the sections firm to start the French braid, Firstly you have to get your hand in position for starting the French braid. Hold two sections with a hand and the other section with the other. This will help you to make the braid smoothly.

6.) Start With the Traditional Braid

After getting the proper grip and the proper position of your hand you need to start the braid. Start with a traditional French braid. Cross the right strand of hair over the centre and then cross the left strand from over to the centre section. Continue until you make a few rows of the traditional braid in the same way.

7.) Add the Strands of Hair

Now you have to get the real French braid, continue with the traditional braid pattern but by adding strands of hair from the sides. Grab a sleek section of hair and intertwine it with the section of hair at the sides. Every time you intertwine the section of hair from both the right or left section adds the strand of hair from the sides. If you want to make an intricate braid grab less hair and if you want a jumbo braid you can gather more hair and add to the braid. Thus, the amount of hair you choose does matter. For a neat look collect the hair from the ear line onwards. Pick the hair from the area near your face also. When you come to the lower section pick up the hair near you neck. This way you will be able to avoid small strands popping out of you face.

8.) End the Braid With a Traditional Braid

As soon as your hair reaches the nape you will end up with the adding of extra strands to your braid. Now you will need to continue braiding in the traditional way. A French braid is a type of braids which starts and ends with a traditional braid. You can choose your prefer length of the braid and continue with the traditional braid till the length you wish to.

9.) Tie You Hair

To end up the French braid you need to secure your hair. Use an elastic band to secure the hair you can use a transparent band or get a bands color which is identical to the color of your hair. If you wish to braid your hair till the end you can braid with a ponytail and avoid using a rubber band. The use of rubber bands rips and break hair when you remove so it’s better to avoid rubber band you can use an elastic band instead. To get the most intricate and natural look secure the tip with a pony.

10.) Use Gel or Pins

If you have a one length cut you will not face the problem of hair popping out from the different length of your braid. But girls who have layered haircut your hair might pop out of the different length of your hair. To fix this problem you can use gel to get a smooth braid. Again for a heavy strand of hair you can use a pin to secure to the strands.

Steps to Make French Braid-1

You will be surprised to know that you can get very elegant and beautiful hairstyles by French braid. Like you can get French lace braid. For this purpose, you need to start a French braid by gathering hair from the sides and make three sections of hair and add strands of hair from the side of the hair. This hairstyle is called a waterfall hairstyle. This is indeed a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle. You can also customize your hairstyle with a creative hair bun with a French braid. For some effortless styling, you can get side buns. Other hairstyles are milkmaid braids. You can also get creative hairstyle by creating three French braids and styling it with a side twist or a side swept hairstyle.

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