20 Superb Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long layered hairstyles look simple yet stunning. If you have long locks and looking for hairstyling options then go for layered hairstyle this season. It will give you a different and superb look that you will definitely cherish. The layered haircut will add volume to your tresses and gives you versatile look. The best thing about long hair is that you can try any hairstyle with it whether it is braided, bun or any messy hair do. To make things easy for you below we have listed 20 superb layered hairstyles for long hair. Hope this will be a great help for you.

List of Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair:

1Volume Adding Layers for Straight Hair

This hairstyle is one of the best layered hairstyles for long hair. It will add volume to straight tresses and give them a different look.

2Long Tousled Layers

Another hairstyle in our list of layered hairstyles for long hair is long tousled layers. It will give your tresses messy look. This hairstyle is apt to break the monotony and add a life to your tresses.

3Bed Head Layers

The bedhead layers look authentic on every face. It is a perfect hairstyle for a workplace and for a party as well. Just spray some dry shampoo into your tresses and you are good to go.

4Smooth Layers

Among the various layered hairstyles for long hair, smooth layers are best. Who does not love straight and smooth hair? This hairstyle gives you a neat and classy look.

5Textured Long Layers

This hairstyle is best suited to the girls with wavy hair. It will give beach flair to your tresses. All you have to do is spray some salt water on your tresses and let them dry naturally and you are good to go.

6Formal Curly Hairdo

If you are looking for a hairstyle that you can wear regularly at your workplace then formal curly hairdo is best for you. It will make your natural tresses voluminous and earn you compliments from your colleagues.

7Balayage for Long Layers

If you find hard to maintain your long locks then you should go for balayage hairstyle. The subtle layers will add smoothness in your hair. To make it more interesting get a polished blowout or beachy waves.

8Classy Layers for U-Shaped Cut

If you are a U-shaped haircut fan then this hairstyle is definitely for you. It will redefine your looks. The layers will boost the texture of your tresses. It is a perfect hairstyle for every day.

9Messy Loose Curls with Voluminous Bangs

To get a perfect messy hairstyle for your long hair use various barrel sizes while carrying the tresses. Make sure you alternate the sides of curls. This will give you simple yet superb hairstyle.

10Straight Layered Hair

Long layered haircuts give a versatile look and are very easy to style. You can create n no of hairstyles with such hair. If your tresses are thick then get V shaped haircut. It will add a bounce to your locks. If you have straight hair then just apply a conditioner and let them dry naturally. For curls , blow them dry with round hair brush.

11Choppy Layers for Straight Hair

If you do not want to compromise with the length of your tresses yet wants a different look then this is an ideal hairstyle for you. It is one of the perfect layered hairstyles for long hair. This will add bounce and nice shape to your hair. To take your styling one notch higher get your ends highlighted with balayage.

12Luscious Layers and Subtle Waves

Smooth silky hair looks stunning, especially if they have highlights at the top. This is one of the ideal layered hairstyles for long hair. To make it more interesting add some volume to the roots and blow dry the ends while combing it with a round brush.

13Deep Red Layered Hair

Next, in the list of superb layered hairstyles for long hair is deep red layered hair. It will give you a bold and a classy look. To make it a style statement get your roots colored with dark-colored and vivid color at ends.

14Layered Cut with Bangs

Everybody want a hairstyle which needs no effort yet they look classy. A pretty layered cut with bangs surely fills the bill. It needs no effort and you’re done in seconds. This hairstyle is ideal for college goers. To keep it formal you can tuck your hair with bobby pins.

15Silky Feathered Hairstyle

The silky feathered hairstyle is best suited for the layered long hair. To enhance the look you can curl the ends of hair or simply blow it dry. This simple hairstyle will surely earn you many compliments.

16 Ombre Hair with Layers

Ombre hair with layers is ideal for those who want to give themselves a different look altogether. This look will give a striking effect to your hairstyle. For a date or prom just leave them loose.

17Loose Layers with Silver Highlights

This hairstyle is best for thick tresses. For best effects simply blow dry them . Or tease your tresses at a crown area to add the oomph.

18Big Voluminous Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Once you know the basics of styling the styling become easy. To turn the heads around choose big voluminous hair with side swept bangs. It will add a bounce. This hairstyle is ideal for women with oval face shape.

19Chocolate Layered Hairstyle

Chocolate layered hairstyle is one of the trendy layered hairstyles for long hair. It will add live to your lifeless brunette tresses. To get a celebrity look just blow it dry with a round brush.

20 Long Romantic Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

Long romantic hairstyle with subtle highlights gives you a feminine yet simple look. It looks classy on all the occasions, whether it is prom night or a date with your partner, you will definitely get loads of compliments.

21Multi-Layered Haircut for Long Hair

If you are looking for a chic and sleek haircut, you found one for yourself. This classy haircut will give movement and body. The amalgam of layers is the highlight of this haircut.

22Two-Tone Jagged Layered Hairstyle

This vintage hairstyle surely needs a comeback. It looks classy and mesmerizing. The dual color tone take this hairstyle a notch higher. Whether you have to attend a party or have to attend a formal meeting this is the best hairstyle to opt.

23V-Line Layers

V-line layers style is quite in these days. It looks edgy and sassy. Whether you want to curl it or straighten them, it’s your call, in any of the ways you are going to dazzle around.

24Blow-Out Layered Hairstyle

Can’t decide which hairstyle to go for? Blowout hairstyle is a perfect alternative for such time. All you have to do is straighten for a silky look. Flip and slightly curl your ends to add the life to it.

25Pink Long and Layered Hairstyle

Want to color your hair? Bit can’t zero in the color. Pink hair color is a perfect option for you . The pink hue will give a feminine and edgy look that will compliment the long and layered hairstyle.

So this is was our list of long layered hairstyles for long hair. We hope this was helpful to you.