20 Short Choppy Pixie Cuts

The pixie haircut is a bold and stylish hairdo for a woman. This short hairstyle features multi-layered dimensional short hair with chopped, bangs or ends. The hair at the sides can be slightly tapered and long on the top. For some women, short haircuts are less feminine, but the truth lies in the fact that the choppy pixie cuts are the best short hairstyle for women. This haircut reflects the confidence and personality of a woman. This super short hairstyle is best for the harsh summers. Here, in this article, we will be going through some of the best haircut ideas and ways to customize your hairstyle with choppy pixie cuts.

20 Short Choppy Pixie Cuts:

1.) Punk Short Choppy Pixie Cuts

Punk Choppy pixie cuts

This haircut features a choppy pixie haircut which is same for both the sex. Thus, this hairstyle is considered as an androgynous haircut.

2.) Flicked Short Choppy Pixie Cuts

Flicked Choppy pixie cuts

This haircut is a perfect set for spring. It features perfect and beautiful flicks at the top while the sides are slightly tapered to meet the length at the top.

3.) Sleek Short Choppy Pixie Haircuts

Sleek Choppy pixie cuts

This sleek pixie cut is a neat pixie haircut which features straight cropped hair at the front while the hair at the back is tapered.

4.) Feather Choppy Pixie Cuts

Feather Choppy pixie cuts

This feather haircut features beautiful bangs falling gracefully around your face. The lite bangs at the front look feather like and looks great with medium length bangs.

5.) One Length Choppy Pixie Cuts

One length Choppy pixie cuts

This one length pixie haircut is a simple and elegant haircut for women. This haircut features one length haircut with long bangs at the front side part.

6.) Afro Choppy Pixie Cuts

Afro Choppy pixie cuts

For woman’s with the African texture can go for the easy, comfortable and classy super short choppy hairstyle.

7.) Elegant Choppy Pixie with Long Bangs

Long Bangs Choppy pixie cuts

The short pixie haircut looks great with a side swept long bang hairstyle. You can customize your pixie haircut with a side swept features to get a classy short hairstyle.

8.) Choppy Pixie Cuts with Short Bangs

Choppy pixie cuts with short bangs

You can also get a choppy short haircut with side swept short bangs. Keep the bangs super short for a classy look.

9.) Choppy Pixie Cuts with Super Short Bangs

Choppy pixie cuts with super Short Bangs

For women with broad forehead can go for a choppy pixie haircut with some real super short bangs. This helps you to cover the extra broad forehead and make it look less broad.

10.) Shaggy Choppy Pixie Cuts

Shaggy Choppy pixie cuts

This shaggy haircut falls straight on your face. This droopy haircut looks great with bangs of medium length.

11.) Bed Head Choppy Pixie Cuts

Bed head Choppy pixie cuts

The bed head hairstyle is a messy hairdo which has gained mass popularity and is considered as an ultra modern hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you an effortless look of an urban lady.

12.) Cropped Choppy Pixie Cuts

Cropped Choppy pixie cuts

The cropped choppy pixie haircut is a face-framing haircut. This haircut looks flattering on almost all face shapes.

13.) Natural Waved Choppy Pixie Cuts

Natural wavy Choppy pixie cuts

People who believe chops are for fine textured straight hair, it’s not like that. Just check the natural curls with a chopped pixie look. It looks elegant and classy too.

14.) Choppy Pixie Cuts with Sweeping Fringe

Choppy pixie cuts with Sweeping Fringe

The swept fringe pixie hairstyle looks really cute. Keep the hair at the front of medium length with a side swept feature. The sides and the back remain the same as the other pixie haircut.

15.) Ruffled Choppy Pixie Cuts

Ruffled Choppy pixie cuts

This hairstyle is one of the iconic amongst the pixie hair cuts. You can get a messy top with a side swept aligned feature at the front.

16.) Spiked Choppy Pixie Cuts

Spiked Choppy pixie cuts

For natural straight uprooted hair you can get a spiky pixie haircut. The hair at the sides are short and gradually tapered to meet the long spiked hair at the top.

17.) Boyish Choppy Pixie Cuts

Boyish Choppy pixie cuts

This boyish haircut might sound a bit of non-feminist, but it is a gorgeous haircut for you to try. The short haircut features faded side hair at the hairline and lower back.

18.) Lumberjack Choppy Pixie Cuts

Lumberjack Choppy pixie cuts

The lumberjack haircut features comparative long hair at the top while the hair at the sides and back are short and tapered. You can flick the hair at the sides to get an awesome hairdo.

19.) Choppy Pixie Cuts for Curly Hair

Curly Choppy pixie cuts

A mohawk hairstyle is a great choice for the woman who want a bold haircut with a mixed of punk culture. If you have curly hair you can go for some real long curls at the top while the hair at the sides remains short.

20.) Asymmetric Choppy Pixie Haircuts

Asymmetric Choppy pixie cuts

The asymmetric haircut features extreme long bang lying partially to a side. The long bangs at the top are kept side swept and the hair at the sides and back are short and slightly tapered.

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