How to Tease Hair?

This article is about ways to tease hair. Teasing hair is the best way to make your hair more voluminous. Teasing hair makes the hair more thick and beautiful. Teasing, that is back combing your hair isn’t as easy as it looks. It is actually a skill. If you have very long hair then it may become really difficult to tease your hair. If you love voluminous and bouncy hair then you should definitely go for teased hair. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways to tease your hair. Read the article to know the ways to tease your hair.

Ways to Tease You Hair:

No matter what kind of hair you have or what is the length of your hair. Adding a little volume to your hair always makes it beautiful and gorgeous. Women with fine hair would definitely love to add a little oomph to their hair. But, women with any kind of hair would love to tease their hair. Here are the steps that you can follow to tease your hair.

1.) Wash, Dry, and Brush Your Hair

Wash, Dry, and Brush your Hair- tease hair

  • This is the very fist step that you should go for in order to tease hair. What you have to do is wash your hair properly. No matter which shampoo you use, you should make sure that you wash your hair nicely. Make sure that there is no oil left in your hair. Your hair should be completely oil free and clean.
  • When you have washed them properly, its time to make your hair dry. Teasing the wet hair can make it tangled and thus it will tear apart. Moreover, it is easy to tease dry hair. You can use a dryer to dry your hair.
  • When you are done drying your hair, it’s time to brush them. Brushing is important as it helps remove the natural tangles and your hair should be completely detangled before you start teasing it.

2.) Divide Your Hair into Different Parts

Divide Your Hair into Different Parts- tease hair

After drying and brushing your hair, it’s time to divide your hair into different parts. Make a single section of your crown area and separate it from the rest of your hair using different clips and hair pins. The part you select should be two inches wide. This is the ideal size to be selected. It is better to start with the top of your head and then go downwards. If you just want to tease your roots then you don’t have to go backward. Just tease the crown area.

3.) Tease Hair Now 

Tease Hair Now

  • It’s time to tease hair.
  • Hold the section that you want to tease.
  • Hold the divided section with your one hand and hold it straight.
  • Take the hair brush in your other hand and lightly brush the back of the selected section of your hair.
  • Keep repeating the process till it gets the desired volume.
  • If you have curly hair then you will not have to do much efforts in teasing your hair. In case you have straight hair, you have to add a little more efforts.
  • If required, you can also spray hairspray on the selected part.
  • While teasing your hair, you should also pay attention to the strength of which you are holding your hair. Your hair brush should not be too harsh on hair.
  • Your hair will look messy after teasing but you may style it later.

4.) Hide the Teased Hair

Hide the Teased Hair- tease hair

After teasing your hair, now it’s time to hide the teased hair as the teased hair appear messy and tangled. Follow the  given steps for the purpose:

  • Just move your fingers into your hair and create a cage. Also, make sure that you do not flatten them while creating a cage.
  • Brush the u-teased section with the tips of the brush and make sure that the brush does not touch the teased hair.
  • You can make the unteased hair with your fingers a bit in case you want the messy look then you should skip the step.

5.) Style the Teased Hair

 Style the Teased Hair- Tease hair

It’s time to style the teased hair. You can style it the way you want. Like, you can make the half ponytail style. You can also create a beehive with the hair. Use baby pins for the purpose. You can also pin your hair back to make your beehive more stylish and funky.

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