How to Messy Broken Curls?

Messy broken curls are not new in the hairstyling diaries but have recently become popular. It gives you bold and tousled look. Gone are the days when girls used to look for the elegant and dapper hairstyles. Now they look for something different and funky hairstyles that break the monotony. Read more, to know ways to messy broken curls.

Messy Broken Curls

Steps to Messy Broken Curls with Flat Iron:

1.) Section your Hair to Messy Broken Curls

Firstly finger comb your hair and then divide them into various sections. This will help you to work with convenience. Section your hair neatly, twist them and clip them on the top of the head. Make sure that you define your natural parting before sectioning.

2.) Shape the Broken Curls

Once you have divided your hair into various sections, it’s time to shape them. To shape your curls use a hair straightener. Tightly hold the section of hair between the plates of the flat iron. Then rotate the iron at 180 degrees away from you. After it curls the ends of the hair then rotate it again 180 degree towards yourself. By doing so, you will get bouncy and lifted curls. Curl all the sections from the back side.

3.) Curl Front Locks

As done in the step no 2, curl your front hair also. Curl the front hair torts your hair. This will add the volume to your hair. Make sure you do not leave on the flat iron for too long otherwise it will damage your hair.

4.) Finish the Curls

Once you finish curling your hair it’s time to achieve messy broken curls. For this turn your head down and place your fingers in the roots of the hair and shake them. In this way, your hair will get tousled. To fix this look use a hair spray. Does this once more and again spray the hair again?

5.) Finger Comb Your Hair

Once you have achieved messy broken curls finger comb them to remove the detangles. This will give you hair a messy texture. This look is perfect for everyday or for special occasions as well. For a formal look pin your hair.

Other Ways to Messy Broken Curls:

1.) Roller Curls for Tousled Broken Curls

You can also use roller curls to curl your hair. It is safer than the flat iron and won’t damage your heat as well. All you have to do is divide your hair into various sections and roll up the roller curls in every section. Roll it till the roots of the hair, and then secure it with a hairpin. Leave it on for 3-4 hours. Then remove the rollers, finger comb your and scrunch them to get the messy broken curls.

2.) Braids for Tousled Broken Curls

Wash your hair and if you want tight messy curls then divide them into various sections to make small braids. For loose curls, two braids are enough. Braid your damp hair. Leave them overnight. Next day unbraid your hair spray salt water on your hair. Scrunch your hair and you will get messy broken curls.

3.) Small Buns for Tousled Broken Curls

If you want natural tousled look without using flat iron and curling tool then is a great way. Separate your hair into the 7-8 section. Twist each section and make a bun of it. Repeat same with every section respectively. Leave it for a few hours. Release the buns. Then scrunch every small bun to get messy broken curls. Do not come this to get a tousled hairstyle.

4.) Blow Dry for Tousled Broken Curls

Another way to get broken messy curls is through blow drying. Comb your hair thoroughly. With roll hair brush, roll your hair and blow dry them. Do this section by section to get soft curls. Once you finish with it. Spray a salt spray on your hair and twist them to get messy broken curls. After this, do not comb your hair.

5.) Salt Spray for Tousled Broken Curls

If you want to avoid the tedious process that above steps include then simply spray salt water on your damp hair. Twist and scrunch them properly and you will get messy broken curls in no time. This is one of the time-saving ways to get messy broken curls.

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