15 Classy Homecoming Updos

A homecoming is a reunion of the former students of a school, college, and university. So, the homecoming hairstyle should be decent and catchy enough to hold someone’s fancy. From curls, braids, buns and chignons there are plenty of hairdos to choose for this special day. Here we have listed some nice ideas for the homecoming updos.

List of Classy Homecoming Updos:

1.) Formal Hairdo

Formal Hairdo- Homecoming updos

This is certainly one of the classy homecoming updos. This hairstyle is a perfect match for an autumn season and long hair. Tease your hair to add the volume before braiding.

2.) Hairband Tuck Updo

Hairband Tuck Updo- Home coming updos

For this trendy hairdo look for a classy headband. Here, the hair is twisted and tucked into the elastic band. It is a perfect hairdo for a formal occasion.

3.) Fishtail Hairdo

Fishtail Hairdo- Homecoming updos'

This is a nice variation of the fishtail braid. This low bun looks mesmerizing and elegant. It is a perfect choice for the formal and casual occasion as well.

4.) Knot Braided Updo

Knot Braided Updo- Homecoming updos

This is an ideal updo for shorter and fine hair. This hairdo is favorite among the high school girls. This neatly woven hairdo will definitely earn you loads of compliments.

5.) Pin and Twisted Updo

Pin and Twisted Updo- Homecoming updos

Like the name, like the hairstyle. This is certainly one of the classy homecoming updos. It features the number of twisting and pinning. It is the best way to explore your creativity.

6.) Ballerina Updo

Ballerina Updo- Homecoming updos

This hairdo is a nice example of the beautiful ballerinas. This sweet and cute bun is a perfect match for the short and fine hair. For a classy finish use a satin bow. It will add elegance and femininity to the entire look.

7.) Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister- Homecoming updos

The twisted sister is one of the awesome homecoming updos, in fact, it is classy than the fishtail braid and other trendy updos as well. The glamorous hairstyle is easy to wear as well.

8.) Twisted Low Ponytail

Twisted Low Ponytail- Homecoming updos

When it comes to a simple yet classy updo  then why not to choose a ponytail that will surely grab many eyeballs. This is a perfect hairstyle for all sorts of events and occasions.

9.) Messy Homecoming Updo

Messy Homecoming Updos

This hairstyle features sections and rolling parts of the hair and lastly pinning them neatly. This hairdo will go well with long hair and straight hair.

10.) The Braid Hawk Homecoming Updo

The Braid Hawk Homecoming Updo- Homecoming updos

This homecoming updo is quite different from the traditional homecoming updos. The braid hawk looks appealing. The highlights and lowlights will work as an icing on the cake.

11.) Voluminous Knot Updo

Voluminous Knot Updo- Homecoming updos

It is one of the must have homecoming updos for long and thick hair.  This is the perfect hairstyle for the special and formal occasions. It will look best on the two-toned hair.

12.) Decorous Braided Updo

Decorous Braided Updo- Homecoming updos

Whether you are a bride to be or bridesmaid, this is an apt wedding hairstyle for you. This intricate hairdo will earn you many compliments. Embellish it with a satin flower for a win-win look.

13.) Polished Homecoming Updo

Polished Homecoming Updo- Homecoming updos

This is a perfect homecoming updo for a prom or graduation day. This sober and classy hairstyle will definitely earn you many praises.

14.) Pony Updo

Pony Updo- Homecoming updos

This is one of the easy and classy homecoming updos. Either you are a college goer or fitness freak this is apt hairstyle for all the times. Twisted ponytail will certainly score you high on the fashion scene also.

15.) Braided Side Bun

Braided Side Bun- Homecoming updos

This is one of the sweet homecoming updos for a special or casual day. The breaded side bun is styled nicely. This will definitely remind you of your school days.

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