15 Exquisite African-American Hairstyles

There are many remarkable hairstyles for the Afro-American hairstyle. Here in this article, we will discuss exquisite African-American Hairstyles.

15 Exquisite African-American Hairstyles:

1.) Poetic Justice Braid   

Poetic Justice Braids Hairstyle for Black Women-African-American Hairstyles

This hairstyle is one of the core black hairstyles. Earlier known as box braid poetic braids are intricate, traditional but stylish.

2.) Low Pony from Box Braid

Poetic Justice Braid African-American Hairstyles

Box braids or the poetic justice braids look gorgeous with a low pony. Just tie them up loose to get the perfect look. This is close with the traditional African-American hairstyles.

3.) Voluminous African-American Hairstyle

African-American hairstyles

The best way for hair styling is keeping them away from the harmful chemical. Let them stay natural and healthy. Let your hair cloud you.

4.) Bun with African-American Hairstyle

bun African-American Hairstyles

If you have braided your hair you can just go for a bun hairstyle.It is one of the protective hairdos.

5.) Curls and Braided Hairbands African-American Hairstyle  

Curls and Braided hairbands African-American Hairstyles

Sometimes we do not have time making braids out of your entire hair. So, you can just braid some strands and make a headband out of it.

6.) Beachy Waves African-American Hairstyle

Beachy Waves African-American Hairstyles

Long beachy waves hairstyle is an African-American Hairstyles. It is one of the classy hairstyle one can try.

7.) Long Curly Pony African-American Hairstyles

African-American Hairstyles

Long curly pony looks flawless sleek and fluffy curls gathered into a long pony at the back of her head. It looks pretty awesome.

8.) Choppy Pixie African-American Hairstyle

Choppy Pixie African-American Hairstyles

The short haircut is the easiest one to manage. You can get a choppy pixie haircut. This haircut does not need any styling. They look great when messed up.

9.) Undercut Haircut African-American HairstylesUndercut African-American Hairstyles

Undercut haircut is the are trendy. You can add some glamour by toning the hair with some vibrant shades.

10.) Layered Bob African-American Hairstyle

Layered Bob African-American Hairstyles

Everyone is not comfortable with long hair. You can get your hair short and sexy. Bob layered hair look great and bold.

11.) Sophisticated Bun with Box Braid

Sophisticated Bun with Box Braid-African-American Hairstyles

There are various hair do’s with the box braids. If you want a sophisticated hairstyle you can make a sophisticated bun with the strands box braids.

12.) Curly Updo Hairstyles

Curly Updo Hairstyles-African-American Hairstyles

If we are mentioning about the Afro-American hairstyles we cannot skip the sexy curly updo hairstyles from this list. It is one of the easiest msimple yet sophisticated one.

13.) Black and Brown Layered Spiral Hairstyle

Black and Brown Layered Spiral Hiarstyle-African-American Hairstyles

Dual toned hairstyles are in vogue. Black and brown coloured hair look great on spiral hair.

14.) Asymmetric Pixie Hairstyles

Assymetric Pixie Hairstyles-African-American Hairstyles

Short hairstyles can do wonders to your look. They are really manageable and stylish too.

15.) Short Sassy African-American Hairstyle

sassy African-American Hairstyles

This style is a trend setter and makes you look bold and confident. In addition to this it is short and easy to manage.

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