20 Fancy Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles

In this article, we have listed best natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for every occasion. Mohawk hairstyles can offer you a bunch of different hairstyles to try this season. This hairstyle also protects your hair from excess heat and pollution. So try some cool and creative Mohawk hairstyles for African-American women listed in this article.

Top Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles

1Natural Beauty

Mohawk hairstyle is playful to wear. So try this is one of the stunning natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for this summer. Go natural with your natural curls. This hairstyle features long curls at the front and hair are short at the back.

2Red Hot Mohawk

Rihanna always pulls off her look with interesting hairstyles. Look her one of the sexiest hot red Mohawk hairstyle looking amazing with an undercut. The sides and back are shaved in this hairstyle whereas the top features long on top with a natural mohawk.

3Garden of Color

Try this one of the rebellious natural hair Mohawk hairstyles. The bright fuchsia color stands out from the crowd and accentuates your frohawk. This is a nice amalgam of the curls and straight hair. Do try this hairstyle!

4Unique Mohawk Styles

Want to try something different? Try this temporary hair color with dark roots for a bold look for non-natural hair color. The curls on top make this hairstyle stand out. And the orange hair color takes this style a notch higher.

5Curly Highlighted Mohawk

This is another charming hairstyle to try this season. It is ideal for medium length hairstyles. The detailed braids and a hairdo look great with blonde highlights. The side cornrows and long curls on the top are the highlights of this natural mohawk hairstyle.

6Classic Blonde Mohawk

Try this one of the bold natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for this season. This type of hairstyle looks great with big curls and is great for any face shape. This vintage natural mohawk definitely needs a comeback with a contemporary flavor to it.

7Lady in Red

Try this one of the amazing natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for any special occasion. The dyed red-orange color looks great with the typical afro trend. The sides are not shaved. This trendy hair color makes the entire hairstyle appealing.

8Braids and Curly Mohawk

Fall in love with this braided and curled Mohawk hairstyle for African-American women. Try this creative hairstyle with bun, natural curls, and a braid fitted into a Mohawk. The pouf makes this hairstyle distinctive from the rest. Do give this a shot once.

9Curly Red Mohawk

Check out this one of the gorgeous curly natural hair Mohawk hairstyles to try this season. Shave both the sides of your head and let the longer section medium. For more interesting look dye your hair with red or blonde color.

10Circus Fro

This is one of the joyful natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for women. The frizz and the uneven color look carefree and whimsical just like a clown at the circus. This is a perfect piece of hairstyle for girls who are looking for a different and trendy  natural mohawk hairstyle.

11Big Braid Mohawk

Long hair is another way to grab attention to your natural hair Mohawk hairstyles. Shave your sides for an edgier look with wild and funky designs.

12Long Hair Mohawk

Try this one of the daring natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for this season. This edgy hairstyle features sides shaved and long hair in the center. You just need a positive attitude to carry this hairstyle for a sexy look.

13Teased Long Hair Mohawk

If you have long hair, then rock your look with this one of the popular natural hair Mohawk hairstyles. It is easy to recreate this hairstyle with hairspray and some bobby pins for enough volume. This hairstyle is perfect for a prom night or a night out.

14Twisted Braided Mohawk

Some women are blessed with thick and long hair. If you are one of them then try this one of the wonderful natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for women. This hairstyle is a nice amalgam of cornrows and a natural mohawk.

15Cassie Bun Mohawk

Try this one of the eye-catching natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for long and thick hair. This looks stylish and pretty with a twisted bun. The shaved sides are quite in. This is a perfect hairstyle for to add glamor quotient to your looks.

16Black and Red Curls Mohawk

This is one of the super classy natural hair Mohawk hairstyles for black women. Try this hairstyle for a different and romantic look. Keep your locks loose for a prettier look. This is low on maintenance and easy to style as well.

17Shaved Mohawk

Try this beautiful and glamorous Mohawk hairstyle for 2016.  Just shave your sides with few sliced lines at the top of the head.

18Short Mohawk Hairstyle

Look at Rihanna, she looks appealing with her beautiful oval face. You can also try this elegant hairstyle for a sophisticated look. This hairstyle resembles spikes that make it an edgy style.

19Box Braids Mohawk

Check out Jada Pinkett Smith, she looks stunning with her mesmerizing box braids styled into a Mohawk hairstyle. You can also try this hairstyle for any party or a wedding. The highlight of this hairstyle is definitely boxed braids. Doesn’t look amazing!

20Big Curly Updo Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyle has gained so much popularity this year. So try your own romantic and sensual Mohawk hairstyle with long hair at the back and with shaved sides.