How to Dread Hair?

Braided hairstyles are in vogue but if you want something outstanding try to dread your hair. The job takes time and efforts. In this article, we will discuss ways to dread hair. There are various methods and ways to make dreadlocks let’s go through the easy and simple ways to dread hair.

Ways to Dread Hair

Ways to Dread Hair:

1.) Backcombing to Dread Hair

This is a simple an easy way to dread hair. All you have to do is make small sections of the hair .

  • Firstly comb your hair properly and separate the hair into sections. Start the sectioning from the undersides of your head and tie each section with a rubber band before the actual process. Gradually make the sections from the sections to sections from the underside to the front sides. Again remove the rubber band before you backcomb.
  • Secondly, you need to tease your hair, start backcombing your hair. Start the job from the roots gradually comb the ends sections. You must comb it over sometimes to tighten the knots. If you want you can repeat the same unless the section resembles a dreadlock.
  • Thirdly you need to twist the dreads. For this, you can also use fine firewood ash to rub the dreads this will help you in the process. But do not forget to wash off the ashes properly.
  • Leave this locks for 10 days in the mean time do not use any conditioning product. Use a good soap and wax to develop the dreads.
  • After 10 days remove the rubber bands one by one and repeat the combing and twisting process. If possible use a metallic comb, plastic combs are not that healthy for the scalp and hair.
  •  Re-tie the strands with a rubber band again. You can enhance the style by using a good dread wax this will help you to get the perfect dreadlocks.

 If there are any residue left or if any hair has slipped out of the knot you can back comb it.

2.) Twist Your Hair to Dread Hair

Twisting is also one of the successful methods for dreading hair. It is all natural and devoid of any chemical process. It works great on wavy hair or African textured once. Some prefer using hair gel for this process. So get some good amount of gel before you start dreading. You can also use dread wax for the same.

  • Wash your hair and let them dry naturally.
  • Part your hair into sections, the section must be 1×1 inch section.
  • Tie the sections using a rubber band.
  • Now to start the job you need to take each section and twist it back and forth by placing it between the fingers. In the process use hair gel and continue twisting. The hair gel is very effective.
  • Be sure that the rubber bands are attached throughout the process. The bands should not be too tight this will result in damaged hair.
  • Similarly, dread the other section.

3.) Neglect for Natural Dread Hair

This method does not need any assistance and efforts. If you want to dread hair without paying much effort you can just neglect your regular regime of hair care. All you have to do is neglect, let the hair grow wild it will naturally start to form knots.  It is the slowest method but if you want to put a little effort that you can rip the dreads and combine them and tie them up with a rubber band. The only thing that you can do to your hair is to get a hair wash without conditioning your hair. Some even neglect hair wash as it slows the process of dreading the hair. You have to avoid combing your hair. But this is an unhealthy way.

4.) Use Wool to Dread Hair

You will be surprised to know that a woollen sweater or a hat can do the job for you. It is not harmful but sometimes the process hurts. Take a woollen sweater or hat and rub it in circles on your head. Continue rubbing it for 15 minutes. If your hair is long you will need some time. While doing this you will notice that your hair has started forming knots. As soon as the hair knots together rip them apart and resume the rubbing process. Continue it until you hair is knotted. You will find lots of loose hair, for taming the loose hair you can use dread wax.

5.) Dread Perming to Dread Hair

If you want to instantly dread hair than this process is the best. Perming is a chemical process, this process is mostly done by professional and also needs high maintenance. This process is done by applying harsh chemicals to your hair, these chemicals  does make it easy to dread hair but the worst part is that it  causes great damage to the hair.

Have a look at the video below to know ways to dread hair


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