How to Do African Hair Braiding?

Braids are the core traditional hairstyle of Africans. The African braids are of different types amongst them the most popular is the Caucasian braid, box braid, poetic justice braids, cornrow braids. The braids look stunning but need lots of patience to be done. Here in this article, we will go through steps to do African hair braiding. We will be going through the easy and simple steps to make some of the popular African braids. But before starting any braid there is some common preparation.

Steps to Prepare for African Hair Braiding:

1.) Get a Proper Hair Wash

For smooth and easy braiding process yo need to get your hair clean. Use a proper shampoo to wash away the dirt and oils from your hair. This will help you to get rid of the oil and dust, it is very important as the unwanted particles may tangle the hair and make it difficult for you to braid.

2.) Condition Your Hair

After the proper hair wash, you need to get your hair conditioned. There are many hair products in the market which you can get for this purpose. Use the required amount of conditioner for your hair. Apply the conditioner on the damp hair do remember to leave a length of 1 inch from the roots. Keep it for the for a few seconds and rinse it well. This will help you to get smooth hair. The process of braiding involves lots of intertwining of hair for which the hair gets tangled and rough hair can be difficult at times.

3.) Decide Your Hair partition

Before starting the braids you need to decide the partition of your hair. You won’t be able to do that after you start braiding your hair. There are two most common hair part styles one of them is from the hairline straight till the nape, the other one is around your head from the centre part. Use a comb with a pointed tip most commonly known as the rat tooth comb to make the partition. After making the partition split your hair into two sections. If you wish you can add synthetic hair to make your braid you need to place it on the hair, while your natural hair remains in the centre for the intertwining.

4.) Keep Some Gel

You will need to apply gel to your hair at the sections. Make sections of an inch of hair from your scalp and apply gel to the hair.

5.) Use Oil for African Hair Braiding

Gel are not that good for your hair, instead of using gel you can use oil. The best way to use gel is to fill a spray bottle with oil. You can use any one of the essential oil like olive coconut oil. Use a comb to separate the sections of hair and spray the oil evenly.

Ways to Do African Hair Braiding:

Here are the steps to do box African hair braiding.

do African hair braiding

1.) Section Your Hair

For creating braids firstly you need to make sections of your hair, For this, you need a rat tooth comb. carefully make sections of the hair approximately with the thickness of 1-inch by 1-inch. You can use gel or oil at the time of preparing the sections.

2.) Start Your First Braid

Hold the section of hair that you wish to braid in your hand and make three sections out of it. The first strand should be between your thumb and index while the second strand between your index and the middle finger and the strand in the middle should be hanging behind the two. If you are using synthetic hair place the natural strand in the middle to create box braid.

3.) Intertwine the Strands

Braids are made by the intertwining of the sections. Reach the empty hand around your head and grab the strand that is in the centre and pull the 3rd section under and incorporate the section into the section between the thumb and the index finger. Hold the three strands a pull the third section. The natural a hair will incorporate into one of the sections.

4.) Braid Your Hair

Braid the strand until your desired length. After you are done with the length you can use an elastic to secure your hair. But sometimes you do not need an elastic braid it should hold on by itself.

5.) Get the other Section

After you are done with the first strand of hair you need to go for the nest strand of hair. Twist your hair while braiding. Do it in the same manner and do not forget to use gel or oil to tame your hair.

How to Braid Cornrows?

The cornrows are also a type of African braiding hairstyle. This is indeed the popular braid for a kind but leaving back the karate kid hairstyle this hairstyle has been successful been chosen by divas for some major events and appearance. Initially, before starting braiding you need to get ready with the basics. Later here are the steps you need to follow to make  cornrow hair braids.

Do African Hair Braiding Cornrows

1.) Section Your Hair

Use the spray bottle to spray a little oil on the hair to make sections. Use comb to make the section secure the other part of hair with a clip.

2.) Star With the First Row

Take the section of hair in a hand and start intertwining the hair, simply cross the right section over the middle section and then left section over the middle section. If you are using synthetic hair place the natural strand in the middle to create box braid.

3.) Add Hair 

You need to add hair to your cornrow. While you continue braiding add some hair from the un braided part. Add to the sides and cross over the middle section. pull the braids tightly while you make the cornrows.

4.) Finish Your Cornrow African Hair Braiding

When you get to the nape of your neck you can end up the braid by twisting the hair or by securing your hair with an elastic. If you want to decorate your hair you can use beads to secure your hair.

5.) Start With the Other Row

After completing the first section you can go to the next, choose a section close to the braided one and braid it in a similar way by adding hair.

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