How to Grow Your Hair?

Hair is one of the important parts of women’s beauty. It is one of the best accessories a woman can wear. Every woman must have dreamed of a full head of long and thick hair overnight but this can only be done with artificial wigs or hair implants. There is no such way to fasten the growth of hair but there are several ways to promote good hair health and hair growth. This process needs lots of patience. A good hair health gets affected due to lack of poor diet routine, bad hair care, hair styling products and other factors that influence hair growth. In this article, we have listed best tips and tricks to grow your hair fast.

how to grow your hair

Top Tips to Grow Your Hair

1.) Feed Your Hair

A good diet is very important to grow your hair faster. Include green leafy vegetables, seeds, beans, lean fish and chicken in your diet. Hair health also works same just like your body. All things depend on your nourishment to your hair. A healthy helps grow your hair long and strong while making it smooth and silky. So it’s important to have proteins, vitamins and minerals rich diet.

2.) Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp also helps in hair growth. It helps improve blood circulation and remove toxins from the scalp, which can affect hair growth. Moreover, it reduces the chances of protein loss from hair strands during shampooing, thus prevents hair thinning and hair damage. So it’s necessary to massage your hair with hot oil 2-3 times a week. You can take any essential oil or natural oil to massage your scalp. Try this method few months to grow your hair faster.

3.) Trim Your Hair

Trimming your hair is another best factor to grow your hair naturally. Your hair grows a ½ inch on an average each month. So it is best to visit a salon once in three months to trim your hair. Trimming helps removes all the split ends, rough and dry hair in the end and helps promotes further hair growth. Make sure you don’t overdo the trimming or cut your hair too short. The removal of split ends will ensure a balance hair growth so try this great method for positive results.

4.) Don’t Wash Your Hair Regularly

If you want long hair, then don’t wash your hair daily. Washing hair daily removes natural hair oil and makes them dry, dull and make them susceptible to breakage. Even if you use conditioner it won’t work as same. So it is best that you wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

Note: If your scalp isn’t too greasy then try hair rinse both nourishing and cleaning instead of shampooing.

5.) Don’t Brush Too Often

Brushing your hair in extreme also affect hair growth. Brushing your hair 10 minutes every day is enough, but more than that can affect hair growth. In extreme brushing your hair might result in hair loss, hair thinning and may cause irritation to your scalp, so avoid extreme combing your hair. Brushing helps stimulates your hair and releases natural oil to your hair strands. Make sure you brush gently especially when your hair is wet.

6.) Let Your Hair Air Dry

This is another best way to grow your hair faster at home. You can consider this as a first step toward the hair growth. Never blow dry your hair and avoid any kind of heat on your hair. This can lead to hair damage, dry hair, brittle hair, breakage. Use a cotton t-shirt to soak excess water instead of a towel. Moreover, this way you have more body and shine to your hair.

7.) Use Wide-Tooth Wood Comb

Start using wide tooth wood comb that prevents breakage and tug on your hair. The plastic one may hamper new growth and may cause scratches on your scalp. So opt for seamless, wide wooden combs that are gentle on your hair and scalp. It also provides you a massaging effect without removing your natural scalp sebum.

8.) Choose Natural Products

Always go for natural products. Nature has gifted us with some wonderful oils, herbs, butter, clays for our hair and skin. So why to opt for a synthetic chemical that is harmful and have lots of side effects on your skin and scalp. So always read the label before you buy any product. Choose safe and natural ingredients to grow your hair naturally long and strong.

9.) Herbal Packs

Use power packed nourishing herbs to boost to grow your hair faster. Herbs such as Brahmi, Parsley, Holy Basil, Bhringraj, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus that are full of essential vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytosterols that help penetrate the scalp and encourage hair growth. These herbs not only helps promote hair growth but also helps treat other hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, oily scalp etc. Take your favorite herb and mix it with clay or fuller’s earth or natural oils and apply it as a mask. Do this process 1-2 times a week for best results.

10.) Switch Your Pillow Covers

Yes, you read it right. It is very important to choose right kind of pillow while you sleep. Treat your hair delicately that helps lower your stress levels. Choose silk pillows instead of a cotton pillow. A study says that silk pillow is easier on your hair causing fewer tangles and breakage to your hair. It also helps reduces chances of wrinkles due to less friction. So grab silk pillow for no damage to your hair as well as skin.

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