20 Blonde Balayage Looks

Blonde balayage is an ideal alternative for the women who want to enhance their looks without much styling. This technique gives custom blended hairstyles that are natural and go well with every hair texture. Read more, to know different blonde balayage looks that you can try your hands on.

List of Blonde Balayage Looks:

1.) Curly Caramel Hairstyle

Curly Caramel Hairstyle- Blonde balayage looks

This is the perfect hairstyle for a layered haircut. The luscious caramelized curls will speak volume and earn you loads of compliments. This is definitely one of the must try blond balayage looks.

2.) Beach Waves

Beach Waves-Blonde balayage looks

The beach waves hairstyle look mesmerizing. The different hues of blond make this hairstyle simply scintillating. You can achieve this hairstyle by scrunching your hair after getting the desired haircolor.

3.) Different Hues for Thin Hair

Different Hues for Thin Hair- Blonde balayage looks

You can consider this hairstyle if you have thin hair. It will add volume to your locks and make them manageable. The different hues of brown will look awesome. This is definitely one of the mind-blowing blond balayage to try.

4.) Dark to Light Blonde Balayage

Dark to Light Blonde Balayage looks

To give yourself a dramatic look try your hands on this hairstyle. The transition of dark blond balayage to lighter hue is simply amazing. It provides a wide array of hues to your look.

5.) Blonde Balayage Curls like a Princess

Blonde Balayage looks Curls like a Princess

Every girl owe a princess look and this very hair color will give you a princess like look. The curly locks looks mesmerizing. The different hues of brown add the appeal to entire look. This is definitely one of the classy blonde balayage looks.

6.) Fading Blonde Balayage

Fading Blonde Balayage looks

If you are blessed with long and smooth hair then this is the perfect hair look for you. This is the perfect way to flaunt your hair color. To make it interesting you can look for light sunshine like tips.

7.) Curly and Dark Blond Balayage Look

Curly and Dark Blonde Balayage Looks

This is one of the sophisticated blonde balayage. This style includes dark and light shades of caramel. It adds a blonde look through. The voluminous curls take this look a notch higher.

8.) Ash Blonde Beauty

Ash Blonde Beauty- Blonde balayage looks

If you like graduated color of balayage but want something more than it then this is the best alternative for you. The ash blonde color gives unusual look to the classy hair color.

9.) Dramatic Long Curls

Dramatic Long Curls- Blonde Balayage looks

This classy look features long and curly hair. The unique color of the hair adds a dramatic effect to the entire look. This is one of the best blonde balayage looks for long hair.

10.) Sassy and Bright Short Hair

Sassy and Bright Short Hair- Blonde balayage looks

A bob hairstyle is open to various variations, this is one of them. The balayage hair with short choppy layers looks amazing. Do try this look.

11.) Shoulder-Length Waves

Shoulder-Length Waves- Blonde balayage looks

Blonde brown hair color is quite in. The blonde balayage pieces look amazing throughout. It will instantly refresh and brighten your face.

12.) Sleek Brown Blonde Hair

Sleek Brown Blonde Hair- Blonde balayage looks

The combination of blonde and brown that is bronde is quite popular these days. It creates a sunkissed, golden hue. This hair color enhances the look of the straight and sleek hair. This is one of the ideal blonde balayage looks for sleek and long hair.

13.) Medium Wispy Layers

Medium Wispy Layers- Blonde balayage looks

If you want to experiment with your bob hairstyle then this is the perfect alternative. The heavenly layered look with choppy blonde pieces seems mind-blowing. It adds dimension and texture to your hairstyle.

14.) Layered Brown and Blonde

Layered Brown and Blonde- Blonde balayage looks

This is the perfect hair look for the thin hair. It adds natural volume and texture. The brown tones throughout add dimension to hair and make them appear fuller.

15.) Multi Colored Layers

Multi Colored Layers- Blonde balayage looks

If you love bright color then you can go for multi-colored layers. It will give you a bold look that too without much styling.

16.) Blue Side Part Curls

Blue Side Part Curls- Blonde balayage looks

Blue hair color gives a nice vibe to your overall look. The combination of brown and blue is simply amazing. To make this look appealing you can consider curls.

17.) Small Double Braid

Small Double Braid- Blonde balayage looks

If you are planning to adorn an exquisite look then you should go for this hairstyle. The blond balayage with double thin braids on the sides looks amazing and stand apart.

18.) Messy Waves

Messy Waves- Blonde balayage looks

Loose messy waves can never go out of the trend. It looks fabulous. The dark root with platinum blonde gives a decent look. Do consider it!

19.) Yong Long Hair

Yong Long Hair- Blonde balayage looks

This is an ideal blonde balayage look for the teenage girl. It will work well for all hair length and textures. This is one of the best blonde balayage looks for teenagers.

20.) Deep Side Part Style

Deep Side Part Style- Blonde balayage looks

This nice option for lifeless hair. It will add life to the hair and give them a stunning look. The deep side parts seems mesmerizing. To maintain the volume switch the sides.

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