How to Cut Your Own Hair?

In this article, we are discussing simple and easy ways to cut your own hair. Cutting your own hair can be fun and will save you some money. It also provides you freedom and control over exactly how long or short hair you want. Although an appointment at a salon and you get your haircut but still don’t feel satisfied. So with few steps and guidance, you can cut your own hair safely and easily.

How to cut your own hair

Simple Tips to Cut Your Own Hair

1.)  Do Your Research

Before you start cutting your own hair, it’s a good idea to do some research. Check hairstyles or haircuts according to your face shape. To know your face shape you can click your picture and get a print out of the same. Then draw the outline of your face to see the perfect shape of your face. Check if it is round, square, heart shape, oval or long. Once you recognize your face shape then check different haircuts that you want. Another best idea is that you can ask your friends, perhaps they can advise you good tips.

2.) Get the Correct Tools

Make sure that you never cut your hair with any normal pair of scissors, or the kitchen scissors. For cutting your hair you need a very sharp pair of professional hair cutting scissors or you can opt for fabric scissors that are quite sharp. If you choose wrong scissor or blunt scissor it may cause split ends, breakage and damage to your hair. Also, you need a long fine toothed comb that will help keep your hair sleek and de-tangled.

5.) Prep Your Hair for Cutting

Although most of the hairstylists cut wet hair, but it’s best to cut your own hair, when they are totally straight and dry. Wet hair tends to stretch and once it dries it looks much shorter than the length you originally cut when they were wet. To avoid confusion cut your hair when it is dry. To start cutting your own hair, firstly wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and condition it. Let your hair dry completely then straighten it with a flat iron. Comb your hair to ensure there are no tangles and knots.

6.) Practice One Inch at a Time

Always keep in mind to go slow and take your time and start with a small section with an inch or half an inch trimming at a time. If you have fine or thin hair then you won’t need to have many sections two or three sections will be more than enough. But if you have long and thick hair then go slow and make the small section and secure them with pins or clips so that it will be easier for you to go through each section.

7.) Cut Sections Straight Across

The next step is to section your hair while you cut your own hair. Divide your hair from front section first. Take a thin layer of front bangs and comb it carefully. Hold your hair tight between two fingers just like a straightener. Gently pull your hair and cut it down to your desired length. You must be chopping small lengths like one inch or half cutting straight across. Initially, it will look blunt but later we will be softening the tips in next steps.

8.) Cut Straight Up to Even out Ends

You will notice some sharp and blunt ends. Don’t worry this is the second cutting technique of snipping upwards. To soften the ends, make tiny cuts to the straight vertical lines holding scissor vertically. Make sure you do this with every section of your hair. If you have fine hair then leave your hair more blunt as it makes your hair look thicker and fuller.

9.) Go Slowly, Combing Hair Frequently

Your first try may take a long time than usual. Do this same process with each and every section of hair. Remember to hold each section tight while you do so. Once you are done with all the hair then check each section carefully and if you find it a bit wonky then touch it up. Be very careful while you chop off your hair as it cannot be replaced. Always keep a mirror in front to check after every progress.

10.) Examine

Hopefully, you have followed all the instructions right to cut your own hair. You must be feeling confident and happy about doing everything on your part. Just move your head upside down and fluff a bit to remove excess hair. Brush your hair well to make them look good. Check your back with a large mirror to see everything is symmetrical and looking fabulous. It is recommended that each month trim your hair about half or an inch off or seek some professional styled once in a year.

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