Hair Care Myths and Truth

This article is about hair care myths and truths. When we talk about hair care, there are a lot of hair care myths and truth revolving around. Like any other rumor, the rumor about hair also circulates like anything. Myths about the hair are also like a flue which travels from places to places and from time to time. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the prominent hair care myths and truth. These myths are important to be found out as following any myth can lead you somewhere you should not be and not knowing the truth can also take you to some other direction.

Hair Care Myths and Truth:

Knowing about the hair care myths and truth is important to have healthy and strong hair. Thus, here we bring to you some of the most popular and prevailing hair care myths and truth. You are really going to be left amazed and surprised at different hair care myths and truth.

hair care myths and truth

1.) The Nasty Myth – Trimming Makes Hair Grow Faster

When we talk about hair care myths and truth, this is the nastiest rumor that you would have come across for sure. People say that regular trimming makes hair grow faster. Well, throw this myth into the junk. There is nothing like such. Your hair grows an inch every month and they will continue to grow no matter you go for trimming or not. The truth is that your hair can grow faster in summers, but the growth has nothing to do with the fancy scissors at an expensive salon.

2.) Plucking Grey Hair Leads to More Grow Hair

In the battle of hair care myths and truth, this truth doesn’t leg behind anywhere. You might have grown up listening to the myth that plucking a single grey hair promotes more grey hair. Well, this myth is completely bogus and false. While the truth is that plucking hair disturbs the hair follicles which can further damage hair. This might be the basis of the origin of the myth.

3.) Split Ends Can be Repaired

There are a number of promising products in the market that claim of repairing the split ends. This myth is spread by the producers of those expensive hair products. But the truth is that no product can repair the damaged and the split ends. Once your hair is damaged and reached the stage of split ends, they can be treating only by trimming. Do not go with the fancy advertisement by those expensive hair products.

4.) Keep Changing Your Shampoo

Keep changing your shampoo to clean your hair nicely. Well, this is another myth that you might have come across. Well, you should not believe these rumors in any case. There is no such thing that changing your shampoo regularly helps you get clean and tidy hair. In fact, the truth is that you should keep changing your shampoo if you have colored your hair recently.

5.) Comb from Head to Tip

Well, this is another disgusting myth that you should avoid believing as fast as possible. It is said that combing hair from roots to ends fastens the growth of hair and make them healthy. Well, this is not the truth in any case. Combing hair from roots to end leads to hair fall as the tangled hair get messed up with the comb and you have to pull your hair to detangle. The truth is that you should never comb your hair from roots to end. Start combing from the ends. It will help detangle your hair easily.

6.) Cold Water is Better for Your Hair

This is another main part of hair care myths and truths. Hair stylists say that washing your hair with cold water keeps them healthy and strong. Well, this is not the truth at all and you no longer have to freeze yourself with chilled water. Cold water does not influence or affect your hair health at all. This is all rumor that you have been listening to. Avoid cold water completely and go for normal water to rinse your hair nicely.

7.) Stress Causes Grey

Well, this is also an important aspect to be considered while talking about hair care myths and truth. You might have heard from you mom or grandmother that stress causes grey hair. Well, you should throw this into the bin. It is just a myth. Grey hair is caused due to genetic influence. Though researchers have shown that stress can affect genes, but it would take a really long time for it turns your hair grey.

8.) Sleeping with Down Hair Promotes Hair Growth

Talking about hair care myths and truth, this is one of the oldest one of all. It has been said that sleeping with down hair allow your scalp to breath properly and thus it promotes hair growth. Well, this is really not the case. In fact, sleeping in this position can cause your hair to get tangled and tangled hair cause hair loss. Also, oils from the hair can cause acne. You are advised to leave your hair loose with clips and make a loose bun.

9.) Your Hair Growth Stops at a Certain Point

This is another ridiculous rumor that you should avoid believing as soon as possible. It is said that you hair stop growing when running out of its potential. Well, this is not the truth at all. Your hair keeps growing till you look after it properly and avoid getting them damaged. To protect your hair and to keep them healthy, you should always go for a healthy diet.

10.) Ponytail Reduces Dandruff

This myth also not legs behind when we talk about hair care myths and truth. People say that keeping your hair tied or making a ponytail keeps dandruff at bay. Well, this is not the case at all. Making a pony or a cute bun just give you different looks. They do not stop or prevent dandruff in any case. Dandruff cannot be treated with different hairstyles. Well, it can be treated with different products. You can also go for different home remedies for dandruff treatment but forget about the tying thing.

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