20 Medium Layered Haircuts

This article is about 20 medium layered haircuts. Hairstyles change at a rapid pace, but different layers always remain in the trend. The layers are very important part of your hairstyle. They add so much volume and beauty to your hair. The layers look more beautiful with curly and wavy hair. It gives the bulky look to your hair. So, if you are planning to get a beautiful layered haircut, then simply read this article to know 20 medium layered haircuts.

Top 20 Medium Layered Haircuts:

Here is a list of top 20 medium layered haircuts. Have a look at these different looks and choose the best haircut for yourself.

1.) Beach Layered Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Beach Layered Hair

This is a stunning haircut with blonde hair. You will see the beautiful curls along with a bang. This haircut will provide the sexy and hot look to your the personality. It is simply a perfect look for a bold lady who wants to show her own style statement in a beach.

2.) Beautiful Angel Wings Layered Hair with Side Bang

Medium Layered Haircuts Beautiful Angel Wings Layered Hair with Side Bang

This is the best look for a girl to look like an angel. The layers in this hairstyle look perfect with sleek and straight medium length hair.

3.) Blonde Layers

Medium Layered Haircuts Blonde Layers

This hairstyle looks beautiful on blonde hue hair. The layers in this hairstyle are edgy. It is basically a razor layered cut that provides an edgy look to your personality.

4.) Bob Layered Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Bob Layered Hair

This is another great kind of layer that looks absolutely attractive with the bob haircut. This is a stunning hairstyle for the medium length of hair. You can choose asymmetric, inverse layering or any other kind of bob haircut. But, layers are always going to look great with it.

5.) Breezy Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Breezy Hair

Have you ever noticed your hair in a strong breeze? They look absolutely graceful and beautiful in their own way. This haircut with breezy layers will provide you the same look to your hair. So, try it and look more appealing with this haircut. It is one of the best medium layered haircuts.

6.) Choppy Layers

Medium Layered Haircuts Choppy Layers

This kind of layers with choppy ends provide a rowdy look to your personality. This kind of hair looks great with a bang. It is an absolute solution for thick hair. The choppy layers will decrease the volume of your hair and make them appear more fluffy and attractive.

7.) Completely Messy Layered Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Completely Messy Layered Hair

Embrace the beauty of messy hair. It is a unique style that very few girls can carry. It gives you carefree and bold look to your personality. So, try this haircut and carry your own style statement. This kind of hairstyle looks pretty awesome on heart shaped and triangular shaped faces.

8.) Cute Curly Hair with Side Bangs

Medium Layered Haircuts Cute Curly Hair with Side Bangs

This is a very beautiful and cute curly haircut for a medium length of hair. It a looks more attractive with two color tones. If you have dark brown hue hair, then you may simply give honey highlights to your hair. It will enhance the beauty of curls.

9.) Emo Brown Hue Hair with Red Highlights

Medium Layered Haircuts Emo Brown Hue Hair with Red Highlights

This is a wonderful emo haircut with lovely layers. The red highlights on brown hue hair make this hairstyle more appealing and attractive at the same time. So, try this hairstyle and come into the notice of the people with your new look. It is one of the cutest medium layered haircuts.

10.) Feathers Up

Medium Layered Haircuts Feathers Up

This type of haircut is best for very thin hair. It adds a lot of volume to your hair. So, try this haircut, as it is one of the most trendy medium layered haircuts.

11.) Fluffy Messy Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Fluffy Messy Hair

This type of hair looks a lot of glamour and style to your personality. The best part about messy curls is they add lots of volume to your hair and makes them appear fluffy. This kind of haircut looks absolutely stunning on long and thin faces. It may even suit round faces so go for it and make your own style statement.

12.) Gentle Waves and Curls

Medium Layered Haircuts Gentle Waves and Curls

This is a very elegant hairstyle that will give a cute look to your personality. The layers of your hair get modified with beautiful waves and curls. So, try this sweet look on your medium length hair.

13.) Marsala Color Layered Emo Hairstyle

Medium Layered Haircuts Marsala Color Layered Emo Hairstyle

This emo hairstyle is quite different from other hairstyles. The basic reason behind it is a beautiful marsala hue that looks completely amazing on medium layered emo hairstyles.

14.) Messy Curly Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Puffy Messy Curly Hair

You cannot find beautiful layers in any other haircut like in this haircut. It looks more pleasing on a heart-shaped face. So, try it and create your own style statement.

15.) Shaggy Layered Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Shaggy Layered Hair

This is a very famous hairstyle of renowned celebrity Jane Fonda. It looks very stunning and attractive on the faces of mature ladies. So, all those ladies who are reading this article at this moment must make up their mind to go for this haircut once in their lifetime.

16.) Sleek and Straight Layered Hair

Medium Layered Haircuts Sleek and Straight Layered Hair

If you have simple sleek and straight hair, then it is better to add a few layers in it. This hairstyle always stays in the trend. Try it and modify your look.

17.) Straight Layers with Bang

Medium Layered Haircuts Sleek and Straight Layers with Bang

This is a very stunning straight hairstyle that will look absolutely stunning with a bang. So, go for this beautiful style and modify your look.

18.) Straight Edgy Hair with Side Bangs

Medium Layered Haircuts Straight Edgy Hair with Side Bangs

This haircut will give an edgy attractive look. It is a great hairstyle with sweet side bangs and lovely long layers.

19.) Straight Layered Bob

Medium Layered Haircuts Straight Layered Bob

This kind of straight bob haircut looks absolutely gorgeous with a few layers. It is one of the most sophisticated medium layered haircuts.

20.) Wavy Messy Layers

Medium Layered Haircuts Wavy Messy Layers

It is very popular and trendy haircut. This kind of messy layers looks pretty awesome with wavy hair. So, try this look.

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