15 Solutions for Black Ombre Hair

Black ombre hair color is a classy and stunning hairdo. The shades of brown are flattering on the black dramatic hair. The contrast of black hair gradually melts down to darker shades displaying a dramatic transition of color. Long black hair is a privilege and the best length to try this hair color. Long hair is fit to display the colorist techniques. Here in this article, we will display some of the most creative and influential black ombre hair solutions for black ombre hair for both long and medium hair length.

15 Solutions for Black Ombre Hair:

1.) Black to Blonde Ombre Hair

blonde solutions for black ombre hair

The technique of black to blonde works well, especially on the super long straight hair. It is one of the classy solutions for black ombre hair. The smooth transition of black color to blonde is a result of different shades. The gradual transformations pass through the shades of dark brown to light brown and dissolves to the blonde hair color at the ends.

2.) Black to Burgundy Ombre Hair Color

burgundy solutions for black ombre hair

Burgundy fits naturally with the black hair color. You can get ombre hair color of burgundy, the color melts down with a lighter shade at the hair from medium length while it becomes darker at the ends.

3.) Purple Black Ombre Hair

Purple solutions for black ombre hair

You can go for a deep color option for ombre black hair color. The purple hair color is a unique color for long black hair. Color the ends of your hair in a melting technique to get an iconic hair color.

4.) Copper for Black Ombre Hair

Copper solutions for Black Ombre Hair

The dramatic combo of black and copper is a stunning contrast. The shades of dark brown gradually melting down deep to the deepest shade of copper give you a natural hair transformation. This is definitely one of the best solutions for black ombre hair.

5.) Grey Black Ombre Hair Color

Grey solotions for Black Ombre Hair Color

Black and gray ombre hair color is an intense hair color transition. The slight hue of purple helps the transition of this colors and makes it look natural.

6.) Playful Touch of Burgundy Black Ombre Hair

Burgundy solutions for Black Ombre Hair

If you have long hair with curled ends this is a color you should try. For this, you need to get the vibrant hue of burgundy on the pre-bleached hair. This burgundy transformation features the end section of the hair and does not elongate too long on your hair.

7.) Dark Blonde Black Ombre Hair

Dark blonde solutions for black ombre hair color

This hair transition looks great on short hair. If you have a short bob haircut you can go for this hair color idea. This one of the  classy solutions for black ombre hair. The twist of dark blonde on black hair is soft and subtle.

8.) Subtle Dark Brown Black Ombre Hair

Dark brown solutions for black ombre hair

If you want a natural hair color you can go for the subtle shade of brown. Keep the color lighter on the part closer to the roots while it gets darker at the ends.

9.) Rainbow Black Ombre Hair

Rainbow solutions for black ombre hair

This is a loud hair color transition. If you want an unusual transformation you can use different shades of vibrant rainbow color. The color technique has blonde bleached hair color at the roots while shades of red in the middle, which gradually gets darker at the ends.

10.) Vibrant Red Black Ombre Hair

Vibrant Red solutions for Black Ombre Hair

This is a punk hair color which features a pretty combination of black and loud red shade. The bright cherry red color looks bold on black hair.

11.) Steel Gray Black Ombre Hair

Steel Grey solutions for Black Ombre Hair

Black hair with a shade of metallic shade of gray is a style statement. You can customize your black hair with a lighter shade of gray which gradually darkens to a steel-gray shade at the ends.

12.) Vibrant Blue Black Ombre Hair

Vibrant blue black ombre hair color

This shade of blue is not the light. It is vibrant and bright. The transition of black hair to blue shade looks bold and pretty. This is unusual hair color is for women with long hair and fair skin tone.

13.) Caramel Black Ombre Hair 

Caramel solutions for black ombre hair color

You can get the natural shade of caramel on the hair locks to get a pretty sun-kissed hair color. Caramel is the perfect color for women who want to go for a natural lighter shade for their black hair. The dark effect of caramel gets darker looks stunning as it melts down at the ends.

14.) Golden Black Ombre Hair Color

Golden solutions for black ombre hair

This hair transition has shades of dark chocolate. The black hair blends harmoniously with the lighter shade of brown than gradually to the dark chocolate shade and at last converts to golden brown shade at the end. The hair color looks stunning and vibrant.

15.) Emerald Gray Black Ombre Hair

Emerald Gray solutions for Black Ombre Hair

If you don’t want to go for green then you have other options. What about emerald? Yes, this hair color has the shade of green which really looks great on any length.

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