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faux hawk easy to do long box braids

20 Easy to do Long Box Braids

Box braid hairstyles are sleek, sexy and exotic. The best part of this braids is that they can be styled in different ways and styles, may it be a bun, pony or a sophisticated...
Twist and Turn Box braids updo hairstyles

20 Mesmerising Box Braids Updo Hairstyles

Box braids updo hairstyles are mesmerizing and elegant. The updo is considered to be the best way to style your box braids with the advantage of their versatility and variability. This hairstyle is a...
the gold corn Beyonce rocking box braid

15 Beautiful Beyonce Rocking Box Braids

In this article, we have listed top Beyonce rocking box braids. Beyonce is an extraordinary star, her work in the field of entertainment has made her win Grammy for 16 times. She shot to...
Big Beyonce Bun Box Braids Hairstyles

15 Iconic Box Braids Hairstyles

Braids are of many types they can be the box, poetic or jumbo one but in terms of styling you can give a style statement. Here in this article, we will go through some...
Layered-Bob- African-American Hairstyles

15 Exquisite African-American Hairstyles

There are many remarkable hairstyles for the Afro-American hairstyle. Here in this article, we will discuss exquisite African-American Hairstyles. 15 Exquisite African-American Hairstyles: 1.) Poetic Justice Braid    This hairstyle is one of the core black hairstyles....

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