20 Stunning Medium Haircuts

Medium haircuts have recently gained popularity. The recent mega event like Met Gala 2016 and Cannes 2016 has proved this to be the most iconic length to be stylish. Here in this article, we will trace the latest medium haircuts.

20 Stunning Medium Haircuts:

1.) Barrel Curls Medium Haircut 

Barell Curls Medium Haircuts

Aishwarya Rai Bachan appeared in Cannes with a medium haircut featuring large sophisticated waves, the hairstyle was iconic with the side swept bang. So if you have natural curls go for this iconic look.

2.) Naomi Campbell Medium Length Haircut 

Medium haircuts with blunt bangs

The diva appeared at the Met Gala this year with a medium length haircut with blunt bangs. The haircut does justice for women with an oblong face, it helps to make your face look less elongated.

3.) Soft Layered Wavy Haircuts

soft layer medium haircuts

The waves are just beachy. ,The beachy waves have gone viral. So if you are blessed with some real curls. Go for this simple but an elegant medium haircut. The ‘Mama Of Pop’, Madonna was seen with this hairstyle at the Met Gala.

4.) Elegant Medium Haircuts with Feathery Bangs

Elegant Medium Haircuts with Feathery Bangs

Eva Longoria got this classy look for the film festival this year. Her haircut featured medium length layered haircut with simple and natural curls. She customised the haircut with sophisticated curled bangs.

5.) Medium Haircuts with Fringe

Medium haircuts with fringe

The haircut is most popular if you are looking for a stylish medium length haircut this is the one. You can customise your hair style with any hairstyle you desire.

6.) Curly Layered Medium Haircuts with Long Bangs

Curly Layered Medium Haircuts with Bangs

The curly hair is also a great option for medium haircuts. You can customise your haircut with a medium length layered haircut and curly bangs. Kendall Jenner looked great with this medium length haircut with bangs at Cannes this year.

7.) One Length Long Bob Medium Haircuts

One length bob medium haircuts

If you want a one length haircut a long bob haircut is also one of the best options for women who have an oblong face.

8.) Sleek Medium Haircuts with Uprooted Bangs

Sleek Medium Haircuts with Uprooted Bangs

You can also customise your straight hair to get a sleek stylish hair cut to get an iconic look. Kristina got  a sleek haircut with soft curls at the end, while the bangs remain short.

9.) Bob Haircuts with Side Swept Bangs

Medium haircuts bob with side swept bangs

You can also go for side swept hairstyles. A long bob with long bangs will do the job for you. Emma Stone looked like a side swept beauty with the hairstyle.

10.) Medium Haircuts with Layered Bangs

Blunt bangs medium haircuts with bangs

You can also go for a one length medium length haircut and bangs which fall gradually framing your face. It is one of the cutest medium length haircuts with bangs. Stars like Caroline-De- Maigret got this haircut as it successfully did its job to make her oblong face look less elongated.

11.) One Length Medium Haircuts

One length Medium hiarcuts

The one length hair cut looks great on straight hair. You can get a sleek and classy haircut with a centre part hairstyle. It is indeed an iconic hairstyle.

12.) Sophisticated Curls Medium Haircuts with Bangs

Sophisticated Curls Medium Haircuts with Bangs

Complaining about curled ends? Here is an iconic hairstyle, you can also get some sophisticated cut with the precious curls. Golshifteh Farahani looked stunning in Cannes with this haircut and side swept features.

13.) Curled Layered Medium Haircuts

Curly layered medium hiarcuts

If you have sophisticated curls, you can go for a medium length layered haircut. Lady Gaga was in the Met Gala with this look and yes, you can try this ‘less weird Gaga’ hairstyle.

14.) Curled Out Ends Medium Haircut

Curled out ends medium haircuts with bangs

This haircut adds volume to your hair. If you have curled out ends you can customise your haircut with medium length soft curls and as short bang. It is one of the best medium haircuts with bangs adopted by Salma Hayek at 2016 Cannes.

15.) Blown out Medium Haircuts

Blown out Medium Haircuts

If you have real untamable hair you can go for this haircut, it won’t make your hair untamed but will give you a messy hairstyle look. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted at the Met Gala with this look.

16.) Curly Tousled Medium Haircuts 

Curly Tousled medium haircuts with bangs

The curly mid-length haircuts are classy. If you have some super curly hair you can get a medium length layered haircut with short bangs. Pixie Lott customised her hair with this haircut.

17.) Angled Bob Medium Haircuts

Angled Bob Medium Haircuts

The traditional long Bob with a length to the collar-bones looks classy and you can get the haircut like Rose Byrne showed up at the Met Gala this year. You can get an angular bob haircut to customise your hairstyle.

18.) Soft Wave Medium Haircuts 

Medium haircuts with bangs long side swept bangs

Side-swept hairstyle Looks great with a medium haircut. If you have soft wavy hair texture you can get this one length haircut with short bangs. Nomi Watts looked fresh in this medium length haircut at the Cannes 2016.

19.) Super Wavy Medium Layered Haircuts

Super Wavy Medium Haircuts

If you have bold waves you can go for a layered look or else customise your hairstyle with a medium length haircut. Anna Ewers looked sophisticated with this hiarstyle at the Met Gala.

20.) Chopper Medium Haircuts

Chopper Medium Haircuts

Lily Rose Depp kept it classy with her Choppy medium haircut. You can use the bangs for face framing.

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