20 Best Short Bob Haircuts

Long hair is difficult to manage and modern-day pollution has added much to the distress. So here we will discuss the best short bob haircuts for you to choose. Thinking about chopping your hair? Go through this article.

20 Best Short Bob Haircuts

1.) Graduated Short Bob Haircut

Graduated Short bob haircuts

Bob haircut  is a classy one. A graduate bob hair is a simple and elegant. The hair at the back is slightly tapered.

2.) Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs

short Graduated Short bob haircuts

You can customise your bob haircut with a bang. It looks great and bold too. The blunt bangs bob hairstyle is popular now.

3.) Asymmetric Bob Short Bob Haircuts

Asymmetric Bob Short bob haircuts

Keeping aside the traditional bob hairstyles, let’s go through the modern and the most popular once. The asymmetric bob hairstyle is a unique haircut. In this haircut, the bang remain long.

4.) Extreme Asymmetric Short Bob Haircuts

Extreme Asymmetric Short bob haircuts

The extreme asymmetrical haircut is the next level of asymmetric hair cut where the bangs are keeps extremely long. The haircut creates an illusion of long hairstyle with very short and tapered hair the back.

5.) Feather Short Bob Haircuts

 Feather Short bob haircuts

Feather cut is for a feminine look. It looks great with feathery bangs. You can customise your hairstyle with this pretty hairstyle.

6.) Beachy Wave Short Bob Haircuts

 Beachy Wave Short bob haircuts

If you have wavy hair don’t worry you can go with the coolest bob haircut. Beachy wavy hair with a bob haircut looks classy. The hairstyle gives you a messy hairdo look naturally.

5.) Blunt Short Bob Haircuts

Blunt Short bob haircuts

Blunt bob has gained popularity as the most manageable and stylish. It looks the most simple one but is the most elegant.

6.) Creamy Short Bob Hairstyles

Creamy Short bob haircuts

This haircut falls above the shoulder and swoops a bit with the curls. The soft curve at edge of the face and gives a defined look.

7.) Short whispers Short Bob Haircuts

Short whispers Short bob haircuts

This bob cut falls perfectly on your chin and features a fun and flirty look. The other feature of this haircut is deep-parted bangs and the feathery bangs falling over your forehead.

8.) Edgy Short Bob Haircuts

Edgy Short bob haircuts

The edgy bob haircut features the gorgeous hairstyle with edgy ends. The bangs fall perfectly with the edgy ends directed away from the face.

9.) Wavy Short Bob Haircut

Wavy Short bob haircuts

Those who have wavy hair can go for this short hairstyle.  The hairstyle looks natural and gives you an elegant look.

10.) Flirty Flip Short Bob Haircut 

Flirty Flip Short bob haircuts

The flirty bob cut features a light bang at the front which looks cool.

11.) Boyish Short Bob Haircuts

Boyish Short bob haircuts

This hairstyle is very short and bold. So find this hairstyle sporty.

12.) Faux Bob Haircut 

 Faux Bob Short bob haircuts

Faux bob haircut is considered as a vintage hairstyle. You can get a convincing hairstyle by getting a faux bob haircut.

13.) Side Swept Short Bob Haircut

Side Swept Short bob haircuts

The side-swept haircut is one in which the bangs are swept on the side away from the face. It looks cool and gives you a stylish look.

14.) Bombshell Locks Short Bob Hairstyle

Bombshell Locks Short bob haircuts

The hairstyle has curled ends of the long banks. This haircut gives you the perfect flirty look it excludes sultry stature.

15.) Layered Short Bob Haircut

Layered Short bob haircuts

Short layered bob haircut looks elegant and suits both formal and casual looks.

16.) Chin Level Chopped Short Bob Haircuts

Side Swept Short bob haircuts

In this haircut, the hair is chopped from the chin level length. This hairstyle is simple but a unique one.

17.) Shaggy Short Bob Haircuts

 Shaggy Short bob haircuts

The shaggy bob haircut has lots of razor layers. The hair length remains till the chin level.

18.) Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Short bob haircuts

The angled bob haircut has chin length hair at the front. The layers are angled up shorter at the back side which makes a small angle at the back.

19.) Gatsby Waved Short Bob Haircuts

Gatsby Waved Short bob haircuts

Inspired by the wavy hairstyle this haircut is a classy waved haircut. If you have loose waves you can go for this short bob haircut to suit you. The hairstyle looks adorable.

20.) Cool Curly Short Bob Haircuts

Cool Curly Short bob haircuts

The best part of having curly hair is that it looks very cool. If you have real cool curly hair and you want to get a short bob haircut you can go for this haircut. The crisp waves look really adorable.

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