How to Grow Hair Faster?

The science of hair growth is really very complicated. It is not easy to understand the facts about hair growth cycle. It really takes time for your hair to grow. On an average around 1.25 cm of your hair grows in a month. So, if you think that the growth of your hair is curbed, then it is really important to follow few important natural ways to grow hair faster. This article is going to solve this critical problem of hair growth, as we are going to guide you about some natural remedies to grow hair faster.

Why Hair Growth Stops?

Well, this kind of question strikes every person’s mind who thinks that his/her hair has stopped growing. Given below are very important and common causes that will explain, why your hair has stopped growing.

  • If your hair is fragile and weak
  • Following poor hair habits, then surely your hair growth will be stopped.
  • If you do not take a proper diet.
  • Even your genes play a major role. You may have a shorter hair growth cycle due to your genetics.
  • If your hair is brittle and dry, then your hair growth may get stopped.
  • If you don’t care about your hair.
  • Lack of physical activity
  • If you are sick or there is any underlying health issues.

How to Grow Hair Faster

Natural Ways to Grow Hair Faster:

Here are some great natural ways that you may follow to grow hair faster. These ways are effective and help you if your hair has stopped growing.

1.) Follow a Healthy Diet to Improve Hair Growth:

It is really important to eat a balanced diet. Your diet plays the most important role in framing the health of your body. If your body lacks in nutrients then you need to eat proper nutrients so that your body remain nourished and healthy. Your hair also needs the proper amount of nutrients to grow faster. So, add vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin C to your diet. Also, add nutrients like selenium, zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium to your diet as well. Try to eat protein-rich foods as your hair is also made up of the protein known as keratin. So, eat a balanced diet and keep your hair nourished.

2.) Trim Your Hair at Frequent Intervals to Grow it Faster:

It is really important to trim your hair after an interval. It is a great way to grow hair faster. Though this idea may sound quite counterintuitive, but this is a wise step one should take to grow hair faster. It is also a great method to get rid of broken and damaged hair. Even you need to trim your hair so that all the split ends can be removed. So, visit a salon in every three months for trimming. It is a great way to grow hair faster.

3.) Don’t Wash Your Hair on a Regular Basis:

It is important to skip washing your hair on a regular basis if you want them to grow faster. One needs to wash hair after a gap of a day. Washing your hair on a regular basis may adversely damage your hair. It will cause dryness to your scalp. So, don’t wash it on a regular basis as it will wash away the natural oils of your hair. Let the days pass and wash your hair only when it is needed.

4.) Stay Hydrated for Hair Growth:

This may sound quite a funny advice for you. But it works. Water is a great catalyst for hair growth. It keeps your body as well as your hair nourished. So, if you will not drink water properly, then you are going to face a lot of health related issues. So, always keep yourself hydrated if you want to grow hair faster.

5.) Massage Your Scalp to Grow Hair Naturally:

It doesn’t matter which type of oil you use to massage your scalp, but it is a great method to grow hair faster. Massaging helps in improving the blood flow to your scalp. It also helps in stimulating the hair follicles. So, deep conditioned your hair once in a week with a hot oil treatment. All you need to take a little quantity of warm oil and apply it on your scalp with your fingertips. Gently rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Massage your scalp for 20-30 minutes. Perform this activity once in a week to grow hair faster.

6.) Flip Your Hair in the Downward Direction to Grow it Faster:

This trick may sound a little bit crazy, but it works better than any other trick you have ever heard of growing hair faster. All you need to flip your hair upside down for improving the growth of your hair. This trick works because flipping your hair upside down helps in improving circulation of your head. So, flip your hair upside down for 2-4 minutes on a regular basis to grow hair faster.

7.) Remain Stress-Free to Grow Hair:

Stress is one of the basic causes of hair loss. It is very hard to stay stress-free when you are surrounded by thousands of stressful situations on a day to day basis. You may get provocative, angry, depressed, heartbroken, and sad at several times in your life. Time passes on its own. To remain stress-free you need to understand that the situation that is making you depress right now will not be a big matter of concern in future. So, if you really want that your hair grows faster, then you need to remain stress-free at any cost.

8.) Use Herbal Products:

Your hair growth may get stopped due to damage. If you will use the wrong kind of products then surely you will lose the real beauty of your hair. So, instead of using chemical-rich products simply try to use herbal products. Go for herbs like catnip, rosemary, nettle, sage, and horsetail. These herbal essential oils help in keeping your hair nourished and add more luster to them. Rosemary is considered one of the best oils for hair growth. It even helps in improving circulation. You may even prepare an herbal infusion by steeping all these herbs in the hot water for 10-20 minutes. After this, use this infusion to rinse your hair after shampooing and conditioning. It is a great way to grow hair faster.

9.) Use Aloe Vera to Grow Hair Faster:

Aloe Vera is a great plant that provides amazing benefits to your hair and skin. It even helps in preventing hair loss that in turn promotes the hair growth. It is also a great remedy to get rid of dandruff. So, take a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract gel from it and apply it on your scalp. You may also combine aloe vera gel with coconut milk and apply it on your scalp to accelerate hair growth.

10.) Be Patient it Takes Time:

Remember, it takes a time to grow hair. It is a long process and your hair grows by crossing three stages. So, you need to keep patience and apply all of the above natural ways to grow hair faster. You may grow hair soon, all you need to use the remedies sincerely on a regular basis.

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