How Fast Does Hair Grow Naturally?

Are you looking for some cool ideas to grow hair naturally? Then you are at the right place. How to grow hair is the question we often ask if you are desperate for longer hair. Well, sometimes it seems the hair doesn’t grow fast enough, but for some, they don’t grow at all. The truth is hair does grow but at a specific growth rate. The hair growth is roughly 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches a month and 6 inches or 15 centimeters per year. Due to age, your hair growth might get slow down at 0.25 cm or 0.1 inches a month.

Our cell division is responsible for hair growth cycle. The new cell helps push the new cell and make it longer. There is 100.000 hair on a healthy and nourished head. This hair normally lasts perfectly till 6 years. On an average every day, a person tends to lose about 100 strands per day, in normal conditions. Then these fallen hair are replaced by new hair. There are chances of not growing enough hair that is because the cell has stopped or slowed down the production of a new cell.

But there is a solution for every problem. So we have listed some best methods to grow hair faster at home. Try these natural and home remedies to grow your hair longer and stronger.

Top Ways to Hair Grow Naturally

1.) Eat a Healthy Diet to Grow Hair Naturally

Eating a diet full of protein and vital vitamins and minerals is a necessary for healthy fast hair growth. Choose foods high in vitamins A, B, C, and E, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and selenium. Also, Vitamin B-complex helps you in growing hair fast. So include green vegetables and lean meat. Don’t forget to include fresh fruits like grapefruit, orange, avocado, kiwi, apple, etc. you should also include nuts like walnuts, almonds, flax seeds etc.

how fast does hair grow naturally

2.) Use Castor Oil to Grow Hair Naturally

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It also consists of omega-9 fatty acids that help promote the hair growth faster. As castor oil is thick, so mix it with your favorite oil like coconut, olive, or almond oil. Mix the both the oils well and massage it into your scalp. Leave this for one hour. Use mild Shampoo to wash your hair. Do this process about once a week for better and fast hair growth.

3.) Massage Your Scalp to Grow Hair Naturally

As we mentioned above, messaging is a very important factor in the growth of hair. Massaging helps promotes blood flow to the scalp. Try to deep condition your hair with hot oil treatment or you can also use a hair mask for that matter.

4.) Flip Your Hair Upside Down to Grow Hair Naturally

This is another beneficial treatment to make your hair grow faster. Just flip your hair upside down by for 4-5 minutes. It helps in blood circulation that promotes better hair growth.

5.) Stay Stress-free to Grow Hair Naturally

Yes, stress is one of the most important causes that leads to hair loss. It is believed that stress can upset the normal hair cycle and activate hairs to enter the telogen (the fallout phase). Thus, make yourself stress-free for faster hair growth.

To manage stress, try doing meditation, breathing exercises, or dancing, etc. Make sure you take proper beauty sleep that also helps induce better and fast hair growth.

6.) Whip up an Egg Mask to Grow Hair Naturally

Eggs are a good source of protein. As we all know our hair is also made up of keratin protein. So egg is Eggs are highly helpful for faster hair growth. They also contain iron, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, and selenium. Try an egg mask once in a month. To try this method:

  • Take one egg and break it.
  • Now, beat the egg properly.
  • Add some grapeseed oil or any other essential oil to avoid the smell.
  • Apply it on your head completely and let it dry completely on its own.
  • Rinse it out using warm water and a mild shampoo.

7.) Use Aloe Vera to Grow Hair Naturally

Aloe vera also helps in fast hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also helps treat dandruff and helps restore your natural texture of the hair. Just apply some fresh aloe gel mixed with lemon juice on your hair. Leave it for 30-45 mins. Wash it with normal water. Repeat this method, for 2-3 weeks for better results. You can also drink aloe vera juice every morning on an empty stomach on a regular basis.

8.) Minimize Damage to Grow Hair Naturally

Once your hair begins to grow properly, stop using styling products and tools. This means laying off the straighteners, curlers, colorings and other common hair treatments. While you wash your hair, let them dry on their own. Try to brush your 2-3 times a day. Not just chemicals and treatments, wearing your hair too tight in a ponytail, or styling it in tight braids can also cause hair fall or weak hair. So avoid any style that has too much pressure on your hair.

9.) Drink Enough Water to Grow Hair Naturally

Drinking water is very important not only for the fast hair growth but for a healthy body too. One should at least drink 7-8 glasses of water each day. It helps nourish the scalp and promotes blood flow to the brain. So keep yourself hydrated to grow your hair stronger and longer.

10.) Drink Green Tea to Grow Hair Naturally

Green tea consists of various antioxidants that are helpful in growing hair faster. It also helps stop hair loss and boost hair growth. To try this method, apply some warm green tea bag on your scalp. Leave it for 30 mins then rinse it off with cold water. Try this 2 times a day for the better hair growth.

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