How to Dye Your Hair?

Either you are planning to give your hair a new color or want to hide the gray hair, for any of the ways hair dye is a great solution. It gives you a new and younger look. However, going to a salon for this purpose is not quite pocket-friendly. If you want to save your money then you can dye your hair at home itself. To help you,we have listed below the steps to dye your hair at the home.

Steps to Dye Your Hair

Steps to Dye Your Hair:

1.) Shampoo Your Hair

Before going for bleach you need to prepare your hair for the entire process. Shampoo your hair before a day you have planned to bleach your hair. This helps the natural oil of the hair to develop which helps to bind the dye with the hair. Thus, the die will blend with your hair more naturally and stay for longer. However, avoid hair conditioner after the shampoo, since it does not let the natural oils develop. But if you’re your hair is dry then condition them daily but avoid before the day of dying.

2.) Select a Color to Dye Your Hair

It is very important to select a correct hair color for yourself. The color should go well with your natural hairs texture and you should not regret later for it. So give some time and select the best hair color for yourself. To be on safer side choose a die color that either two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. If you are dying for the first time then you can go for temporary dyes that last for a few days only. This will give you an idea that whether the color suits you or not. If it does, then you can go ahead with the same color and if does not then you can consider another hair color.

3.) Prepare the Mixture of the Dye

Once you have zero in the hair color it’s time, to begin the process of hair dying. For this first, you have to prepare a mixture. Use an old bowl for this purpose. Follow the instructions listed on the back of the box of the dye you have chosen. Before pouring the ingredients into the bowl shake it well. Mix the hair dye and the color developer correctly. The pack of die consists color developer, a hair brush, conditioner, and a small bowel. However, if you have to buy the ingredients individually then look for 20% developer to dye your hair.

4.) Apply the Dye

Once you have prepared the mixture, its actual time to apply it. For this first comb your hair thoroughly. Remove all the knots. Then divide your hair into several sections so that you can conveniently dye them section by section. Make sure that you do not start applying the dye from the root itself. Leave a one-inch gap between the roots and the die. However, if you are going for the touch up then you can begin from a half inch of the roots. Apply the dye thoroughly on each section of your hair. For the convenience, pile the dyed hair on the top so that it does not spill off. You can also cover it with a shower cap.

5.) Time to Rinse the Dye

After applying the dye check the back of the dye’s box. Leave the bleach on your hair for the exact time they have asked you do so. Follow the minimum to the maximum time.  For example, if the crimps say leave it for 30 -45 minutes then you can rinse your hair after 30 minutes. However, if you have lots of gray hair then leave it for the maximum time duration. But in any case do not keep it overnight. It will damage your hair.

6.) Rinse the Dye

Once the due time finishes for which you were supposed to keep the die rinse it thoroughly. The best way to rinse it is, use a sink to wash your hair. Use warm water to rinse your hair. Keep on rinsing it until the running water seems clear. If you have applied the temporary dye then it will continue to run each time you rinse it and if it is permanent then after a point it will stop running.

7.) Shampoo and Conditioner Your Hair

Once you have rinsed your hair with warm water, shampoo them after an hour. In the due time, the dye will penetrate into the hair thoroughly. The dye tends to dry the hair and thus shampoo helps to soften them. It is best to use the shampoo which is for dyed or colored hair only. After the shampoo apply the conditioner that came in the box of the dye. But if there is none you can use the one designed for color treated hair.

8.) Dry Your Hair

After the hair wash, dry your hair with the blow dryer or let them dry their own. Once they are completely dried you can style them the way you want to style them.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Avoid straightening before the dye.
  • Put a towel or color cap while dying your hair.
  • Apply a petroleum jelly on your forehead and face while applying the die it will save your skin.
  • Wear hand gloves and apply the bleach with hair brush only.
  • Mix the dye with the developer thoroughly.
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