20 Different Long Bob with Bangs

Lob also known as long bob has become a trendsetter. It suits almost every face shapes and offers a variety of variations that gives you a flattering hair texture and complexion. They look beautiful on all the textures whether it is messy, wavy or sleek. Moreover, lob gives you a freedom to experiment with different hairstyles. For example, you can create updo, low do or any other hairstyle with it. To get a classy look find a perfect lob for yourself in the below list of different long bob with bangs. The list of lob with bangs is inspired from the celebrity hairstyles across the world and it has something for every girl. Without any further, do let’s hop on the list.

List of Different Long Bob with Bangs:

Long Inverted Bob 

Inverted Bob with Ombre-Long bob with BangsIf you have oval shape face and wants to add volume to it then inverted bob is perfect for you. The inverted bob will give you a subtle look. To make this hairstyle more interesting you can dye them. You can carry this classy look at work and at casual events as well. This is definitely one of the classy lob with bangs.

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs- Long bob with BangsSide bangs give a feminine and classy look. To top it feathered bob cut comes handy. It suits almost all the face shapes. This is definitely one of the stunning long bobs with bangs. In the image, the celebrity has light roots that tend to get dark at the ends. This is the perfect balance of different hues of brown.

Retro One-Length Short Bob with Soft Side Bangs

Retro One-Length Short Bob with Soft Side Bangs- Long bob with Bangs

This seventies look definitely needs a comeback. It was a trendsetter by then and today also it can take hairstyling by the storm. The soft bangs just accentuate the look. This shoulder-length lob is apt for the casual and formal meetings.

Medium Messy Waves with Side Bangs

Medium Messy Waves with Side Bangs- Long bob with bangsThe messy hairstyles are in vogue. They need no styling. Just a finger comb in your natural locks and you are good to go. This hairstyle is also no less than any other hairstyle. For a sexy look do try this hairstyle that is one of the best long bobs with bangs. To stand out of the crowd simply wear a dark, cool tone lip shade.

Black Bob with Wispy Bangs

Black Bob with Wispy Bangs- Long bob with bangs

Medium length bob with wispy bangs gives you a red carpet look. This hairstyle has been donned by many celebrities. To get the celebrity look to give a try to this hairstyle. This hairstyle has no age bar. So all the mommies and grannies this one is definitely for you.

Bombshell Bob with Bangs

Bombshell Bob with Bangs- Long Bob with BangsLike the name, like the hairstyle. This voluminous shoulder-length haircut will definitely grab many eyeballs. It gives you a heads turner look. The side bangs are just enough to take look a notch higher. It will beautifully frame your face beautifully. This is a perfect lob with bangs for oval face shape.

Asymmetrical Lob with Bangs

Asymmetrical Lob- Long bob with bangsAsymmetrical lob is one of the long bobs with bangs that you can try in any season. It gives you million dollar look. To add richness to this hairstyle you can get your tresses colored. This is a nice blend of the light and dark hues. For a subtle look simply straighten them.

Angled Lob with Bangs

Angled Lob Haircut- Long bob with bangsAngled bob haircut looks so classy. You can carry this hairstyle at the office and special occasion as well. This works best for thick hair that tends to become wavy. To make this hairstyle more interesting you can dye your ends. For simple yet glamorous look straighten your hair.

Platinum Diva Lob with Bangs

Platinum Diva Lob- Long bob with bangs

Long bobs look stunning on classy white blonde hair. This hairstyle is not restricted to older women only. In fact, you can also try it and become a style icon. It adds a depth to your looks and defines your persona. To take this hairstyle a notch hair you can ask your hairstylist for a tint of pink or subtle color in your platinum locks.

Long Bob with Side Bangs and Pink Highlights

Side Bangs with Pink Highlights- Long bob with bangs

This hairstyle calls no fuzz. This long bob with bangs will give you sassy look that is apt for all the events. Whether you have to attend a class, a party or have to for a shopping, this is the one hairstyle that you should look for. To add spare sass in your looks you can color them pink. This girly and sassy look are one of the best long bob with bangs for summers.

Straight Bob Side Bangs

straight long bob with bangsThis hairstyle gives you an elegant look. Who does not like long and smooth hair? Since this is bob so you have to chop your hair till shoulder length. But you won’t regret doing so because it will enhance your personality and earn you many compliments. Either leave your bangs loose on the forehead or tug them on te side, it’s your call!

Blunt Cut with Bangs

Blunt Cut with Bangs- Long bob with bangsIf you do not want to experiment much with your looks and style then go for a blunt cut side part. It gives a sober yet classy look. It is easy to maintain and gives a dapper look. To add a tinge of class to it you can get the ends dye. The blunt bangs flowing on the forehead looks mesmerizing. This is definitely one of the simple long bob with bangs.

Sleek Long Bob with Bangs at Side

Sleek Bob Cut with Side Part- Long bob with bangsThis sleek bob cut with side part looks amazing on women of all age. It accentuates your look. This sultry hairstyle defiantly needs a try. Be it your formal meeting or a meet greet this is a must go to long bob with bangs hairstyles for you.

Two Tone Lob with Bangs

Two Tone Lob Haircut with Bangs- Long bob with bangsThis hairstyle is a cute blend of two different colors and classy hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a tomboyish yet a feminine look that you can carry everywhere. The wavy hair makes will definitely earn you many accolades. This is one of the must try long bobs with bangs this year.

Textured Lob with Bangs

Textured Lob- long bob with bangsThis hairstyle is ideal for round face. This hairstyle will give you an instant makeover and in no time, you will look classy and glamorous. Simply finger comb your lobs and you will be ready to dazzle with the messy hairstyle.

Shaggy, Layered Long Bob with Bangs

Shaggy, Layered Haircut- long bob with bangsThis shaggy short layered haircut is best to beat the summers without compromising on the length of the hair. It gives you a messy look that is quite trending right now. For a picture perfect look team it with a nice T-shirt and a subtle makeup.

Lob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Lob for Thin Hair- Long bob with bangs

Bob cut has something for everyone. Girls with thin hair can try their hands on this gorgeous hairstyle. It will add volume to your tresses and give you picture ready look. You will definitely nail the look with different hues of brown.

Layered Lob Cut with Uneven Bangs

Layered Lob Cut with Uneven Bangs- Long bob with bangs

This hairstyle is just perfect to break the monotonous look. The uneven bangs are not everyone’s cup of cake and few who dare to experiment it become a trendsetter. This is definitely one of the exquisite long bobs with bangs.

Flaming Long Bob with Bangs

Flaming Bob- Long bob with bangs

Flaunt your flaming personality with this classy hairstyle that texture, shapes, and gorgeous looks. To get the finishing touch get you’re collared with the hues of red and orange to give them flaming effect.

Curly Long Bobs with Bangs

Curly Long Bobs with Bangs- Long bob with bangs

If you have naturally curly hair then you should try this hairstyle. It will add spare oomph to your looks and will earn you many compliments. To update this look you can color your hair. This is definitely of the sexy long bob with bangs.

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