15 Hairstyles for Shoulder Length

Medium length haircuts can be boring and might give you a monotonous look. To make it exquisite you can opt for different sassy hairstyles. To look best go for a nice and trendy haircut with the hair color that compliments you. Pixie, bob, and shag haircuts are best for medium length. Below we have listed some ideas for hairstyles for shoulder length. These hairstyles will give you a versatile look that complements every outfit.

List of Hairstyles for Shoulder Length:

1.) Fancy Flip

Fancy Flip- Hairstyles for shoulder length

This hairstyle gives you a cool look. It has a fun flip with layers. This short hairstyle starts from the cheekbones and then feathers from there. This short asymmetrical is one of the coolest hairstyles for shoulder length.

2.) Flaming Fringe

Flaming Fringe-Hairstyles for shoulder length

This bold look will give you a refreshing look. The layers start right from the chin and ends at the shoulder. To make it dramatic, you can you get thick bangs.

3.) Soft and Sultry Hairstyle

Soft and Sultry Hairstyle- Hairstyles for shoulder length

A soft hairstyle with long layers always looks beautiful. For a regular look, blow dry your tresses and to create a subtle and soft look go for a side partition.

4.) Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob- Hairstyles for shoulder length

The long bobs that are often called as lobs have become a trendsetter. It gives you voluminous look. The sultry waves just accentuate the whole look.

5.) Rounded Edge

Rounded Edge- Hairstyles for shoulder length

The shiny edge in this hairstyle gives you a rounded look. To Make this hairstyle perfect go for side bangs, starting from the eyebrows. For a regular upkeep, blow dry them and comb them with round brush. This medium hairstyle is one best hairstyles for shoulder length for the summer season.

6.) Medium Length Perky Layers

Medium Length Perky Layers- Hairstyles for shoulder length

Medium length haircut can sometimes give you boring or dull look, the perky layers will refresh your look. You can team this hairstyle with your casual outfits.

7.) Medium Blonde Hair

Medium Blonde Hair- Hairstyles for shoulder length

Blonde hair will probably never go out of the fashion. It always upgrades your look giving an edgy look. Make sure that you go for correct color.

8.) Curled Medium Hairstyle

Curled Medium Hairstyle - Hairstyles for Shoulder Length

Straight hair gives a quite monotonous look, to break this monotony get your hair curl. If not curls than long waves will definitely work for you. For a regular look, just blow dry them.

9.) Slicked Back

Slicked Back- Hairstyles for shoulder length

For this soft sleek hairstyle get your tresses out from your forehead. straighten them. Brush them properly and leave your locks behind your ears.

10.) Wavy Bob Haircut with Ombre

Wavy Bob Haircut with Ombre Hairstyles for Shoulder Length

To get the diva look go for this hot and happening wavy bob haircut with ombre. It will upgrade your personality and earn you loads of compliments.

11.) Medium Two-Tone Hairstyle

Medium Two-Tone Hairstyle- Hairstyles for shoulder length

Single hair color gives a common look. To make it different opt for two-tone hairstyle. It is one the trendy hairstyles for shoulder length. To make it perfect you can team up with highlights.

12.) Shoulder-Length Blunt Blonde Bob

Shoulder-Length Blunt Blonde Bob- Hairstyles for shoulder length

If you have a bob haircut than get a blunt cut will accentuate it and to make it versatile you can have a blonde look. The basal age hairstyles go well with this haircut.

13.) Messy Shoulder Length Style

Messy Shoulder Length Style- Hairstyles for shoulder length

This tousled hairstyle breaks off the myth that messy hairstyles can only be counted with long hair. It adds volume to your tresses. To look best, team this hairstyle with long bangs.

14.) Angled Layers for Medium Lenth Hair

Angled Layers for Medium Lenth Hair- Hairstyles for shoulder length

If your tresses are natural wavy then this hairstyle is definitely for you. The jagged layers with long bangs and side part will give you a sassy look.

15.) Medium Shaggy Waves

Medium Shaggy Waves- Hairstyles for shoulder length

Medium shaggy waves are a breeze for shoulder length hairstyles.  Just blow dry them and loose waves. This shaggy hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for shoulder lent

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