How to Make a French Braid?

In this article, we will guide you how to make a French braid in some simple steps. French braid is in trend these days. There are several different and beautiful braids. French braid is one of that and it is fun to do and watch this hair braid. French braids are beautiful and classic. It isn’t too hard to make. We all have learned it summer camps or tried on some friends. French braid is easy to make on others, but when it comes to braiding your own hair becomes the real task. Those who know how to make French braid on others can easily make a try on yourself. But for those who are doing it for the first time, it may become a big task for you. In this case, you have to reach behind your head and do every step backward through visualizing in your mind.

But through this article, we promise you won’t need to call your friend every time for this simple French braid. Through some practices, you can easily make a French braid at home. Once you get the basics you will be able to do much more creative with this French braid. Follow the simple and easy method to make a French braid.

Easy Steps to Make a French Braid

how to make a french braid

1.) Brush Out Your Hair to Make a French Braid

Brush out your hair properly to avoid any tangles in your hair. Make it smooth, soft and ready to make a French braid.

2.) Divide Your Hair to Make a French Braid

Next step is to simply divide some top sections of your hair into 3 equal parts. Make sure you take a big chunk of your hair section because the braid will grow thicker if you take a good bunch of hair at the top.

3.) Braid Traditional Braid to Make a French Braid

Just like traditional braid, we will make this braid same from the top. Get your hands on right position and hold two strands and the third in the other. Start making this braid just like the traditional one by crossing it from right strand over the center. Then cross left strand from over to the center. Repeat this process until you made 3-4 rows of a traditional braid.

4.) Start Working on New Hair to Make a French Braid

Once you are done with traditional braid, start working on new hair along with traditional braiding. Now, start bringing another piece of hair by crossing one section from both the sides and including to the other section. Do this process with all your hair while you continue to make a traditional braid. Make sure you take less hair for a more intricate look. Try picking hair near your face and neck.

5.) Bring All Hair Together to Make a French Braid

Bring all your hair into one braid. You will start running out of free and loose hair once you bring them into the braid. Repeat this action until you reach your nape section.

6.) Finish Braiding to Make a French Braid

Once you are done with all the hair on the both sides, you will see your nape section has the same three part of hair section. Here again, you will continue with traditional braid and finish it by tying rubber band in the end or a fancy hair band to protect it.

Other Useful Tips:

Above mentioned steps are easy and simple that you can attempt at home easily. This kind of hairstyles is best for dancing or cheerleading. Make sure you make a bit tight braid so that it won’t loosen through the day. You can also use some hairspray to hold it long for the day and for finished settled look.

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