15 Classy A-Line Bob Hairstyles

A-line bob haircut is quite popular these days and it’ is definitely going to stay in the fashion scene for a long. An A-line haircut gives a much-needed volume and it enhances the texture of the hair as well. You can experiment with layers, textures, and highlights to flaunt your hairstyle in the best way possible. Below we have listed 15 classy A-line bob hairstyles, look for the one that suits you.

List of Classy A-Line Bob Hairstyles:

1.) Bob with Blunt Bangs

Bob with Blunt Bangs- A-line bob hairstyles

The stacked bob is a perfect haircut for thin hair, it adds the much-needed volume and texture. And, flirty bangs complement the look. For a special occasion pair this with red lips and bold eye make up.

2.) Wavy Angled Bob

Wavy Angled Bob- A-line bob hairstyles

 This is definitely one of the classy A-line bob hairstyles. The steeper cut adds more volume to the back of the haircut. To maintain the balance keep the curls and waves minimum.

3.) Blunt Shoulder-Grazing Bob

Blunt Shoulder-Grazing Bob- A-line bob hairstyles

This haircut is low on maintenance and is quite favorite among young ladies. The shoulder length blunt cut gives a fresh and glamorous look. So do give it a try.

4.) Ash Blonde A-Line Hairstyle

Ash Blonde A-Line Bob hairstyles

The best thing about long bob hairstyle is that they are versatile and thus can be styled in the number of the ways. Be it a ponytail or a nice hairdo, this classy haircut is open for all the styles. And, the contrasting colors like ash and blonde will take this simple haircut a notch higher.

5.) Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle- A-line bob hairstyles

This is one of the classic A-Line Bob hairstyles. This can never go out of the fashion. The highlights will create a depth whereas the side bangs will give a slimming effect.

6.) White Wavy Blonde

White Wavy Blonde- A-Line Bob hairstyles

The blonde hair looks white. To avoid the flat look, it’s best to go for brushed curls. It will add the volume and an intrigue factor as well. To make your look showy add a pop of color to your lips.

7.) Stacked Ombre Style

Stacked Ombre Style- A-Line bob hairstyles

The color is the best way to accentuate A-line bob haircut. Ombre works great for short hair since it adds a small amount of hue into the hair.

8.) A-Line with Light Blue Color

A-Line with Light Blue Color- A-Line bob hairstyles

Straight A-line and sleek haircut looks stylish with a pop of color in it. If you have dark hair color then the pale blue color will work great. To flaunt your hairstyle in the best way keep it straight.

9.) Short A-Line Bob

Short A-Line Bob hairstyles

If you are looking for a short haircut, you just found the one. This short bob haircut is classy and sweet. For a added brownie point let the few curls hang freely. This is the perfect hairstyle for the thin and straight hair.

10.) Short Brown Blonde Bob

Short Brown Blonde Bob- A-line bob hairstyles

This is one of the sophisticated and serious A-line bob hairstyles to try. This hairdo is low on maintenance and calls for minimum styling. To brighten your face work onto the bangs and highlights.

11.) Side Braid A-Line Hairstyle

Side Braid A-Line Bob hairstyles

A side braid goes well with the A-line bob hairstyle. It is a nice way to show off your creativity. This braided hairstyle will definitely score you high on the fashion and is quite easy to do as well.

12.) Disconnected A-Line Bob

Disconnected A-Line Bob hairstyles

This long bob cut is all about the volume and the texture. The edgy disconnected ends with pronounced texture will definitely grab many eyeballs.

13.) Messy A-Line Bob

Messy A-Line Bob hairstyles

The stacked A-line bob will give you a flattering look. The backcombing will add a touch of glamor to the looks.

14.) Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob- A-Line bob hairstyles

Shaggy A-line bob with the red head is a perfect combination. This color will add correct dimension to your looks. The sophisticated style is perfect for all the events and occasions.

15.) Straight Bob with Fringes

Straight Bob with Fringes- A-Line bob hairstyles

The straight bob haircut is going great with the thick hair. The long fringes frame the face and enhance the facial features. This is a nice hair alternative to drawing attention.

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