20 Ravishing Bob Hairstyles

This article is about 20 ravishing bob hairstyles. Having long hair allows you to try different hairstyles and looks. Keeping hair short confines you to limited looks and hairstyles. Well, this is not the case always. When you cannot try braids and buns, you can play with different colors. Apart from that, when it comes to bob, you can try different styles as well. If you like keeping your hair short with a bob then also you can go for a number of looks. In this article, we are going to discuss 20 ravishing bob hairstyles.

20 Ravishing Bob Hairstyles:

1.) Black Messy Bob

 Black Bob hairstyles

Keep it simple and black. If you have black hair then you should keep it simple with that very color. You can also color your hair jet black for the purpose. This is one of the most elegant messy bob hairstyles you can go for.

2.) Bob with Long Fringes

Bob with Long Fringes bob hairstyles

This is one of the most stylish and attractive bob hairstyles that you can go for at any occasion. This look is really amazing if you are planning your next date.

3.) Keep it Straight

Keep it Straight bob hairstyles

Get a chic and elegant look by keeping it straight. This is one of the perfect bob hairstyles that you can carry to your office or any professional meet.

4.) Platinum Blonde Bob

 Platinum Blonde Bob hairstyles

Go cool with gorgeous platinum blond bob. This is one of the most glamorous bob hairstyles. If you want to be glamorous and enchanting all the time then do go for this look.

5.) Messy Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs bob hairstyles

Bangs give you a really cute and totally adorable look. Messy bob with bangs in front is a good idea that you can use to style yourself in college.

6.) Ombre Messy Bob

Ombre Bob hairstyles

Ombre is the style that you can try with any hair length. It suits all short, medium and long hair. If you want to carry a different and attractive look then you should definitely go for ombre.

7.) Colorful Bob

 Colorful Bob hairstyles

You can also try different hair colors on your bob. This is one of the funkiest bob hairstyles that you can go for in order to get a different and attractive look.

8.) Bob with Side Bangs

 Messy Bob with side Bangs bob hairstyles

You might have seen Taylor Swift carrying this hairstyle. You can also try this hairstyle and be charming and attractive with a new look.

9.) Retro Look

 Retro Look bob hairstyles

Go back to 50’s and be different at your friend’s wedding ceremony. This is also one of the most stylish glamorous looks that you can give to yourself.

10.) Green Ombre

Green Ombre bob hairstyles

This is one of the most ravishing bob hairstyles that you can try to show the boldest side of yours. This hairstyle gives you a completely different and charming look.

11.) Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob hairstyles

Layered is the haircut that suits all hair length and is highly charming and dashing. This is one of the finest layered bob hairstyles to try.

12.) Messy Bob Medium Length

 Messy Bob Medium Length bob hairstyles

You can also go for medium length. If you like bobs but do not want to reduce the length then you can try the medium length.

13.) Inverted Layer Messy Bob

 Inverted Layer Messy Bob hairstyles

This is another bold and funky hairstyle to be tried. Inverted layer messy bob gives you a completely different, attractive and trendy look.

14.) Highlighted Bob Hairstyle

Highlighted Bob hairstyles

Highlights make your hair look more attractive and charming. You can also add these highlights to your hair bob cut as well. This will simply add charm to your cute bob hair.

15.) Grey Hair Messy Bob

Grey Hair Messy Bob hairstyles

This is one of the chic messy bob hairstyles. This is a very classy look that you can try for both professional and social events.

16.) Blunt Messy Bob

Blunt Messy Bob hairstyles

Blunt messy bob is also something that is in fashion. This is also one of the chic and elegant bob hairstyles that you can opt for.

17.) Bob Pink Ombre

Bob Pink Ombre

This is the best way to give your hair the look of a Barbie doll. If you also want to try Barbie doll look then this is the best hairstyles for you.

18.) Asymmetric Messy Bob

Asymmetric Bob hairstyles

Be bold and show off the adventurous side of yours. Asymmetric look is for people who do not hesitate at flaunting their boldness.

19.) Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Chopped Bob hairstyles

Going for short and chopped hair is really a matter of courage. And, if you are bold enough to carry such look then this is one of the most sophisticated look for yourself.

20.) Bob for Round Faces

Bob for Round Faces bob hairstyles

Bobs are considered to be best for oval and diamond shape faces. But this look, given in the picture, is best for round faces.

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