How to Use a Curling Iron?

In this article, we will guide you about how to use a curling iron with easy and simple steps. A curling iron is used to make big, bold waves, thin spirals, thick tube curls, formal curls and some tight curls. You can do any type of curl from small to big curls depending on the curling iron. Check out some simple and easy methods to use a curling iron at home.

Steps to Use Curling Iron

Please read below for simple different ways to curling iron at home.

Method 1: Basic Curling

1.) Heat up the curling iron.

Turn on your curling iron and let it heat u to 43p0 degrees for thicker hair and 320 degrees for fine hair. You can also experiment once to know the right temperature for your hair. But if you are not able to do so, it’s always good to do it with the lowest temperature. This is will ensure minimum damage to your hair.

how to use a curling iron

2.) Brush Your Hair Thoroughly

Brushing is very important before you start with the curling process. Make sure there are no tangles in your hair otherwise your curls won’t form properly. Remember, always do this process with clean and dry hair. Because polluted and dirty hair might get damaged after the curling process. So ensure you wash your hair and then dry them completely before initiating the process.

3.) Apply a Heat Protectant

It is always recommended to apply some heat protectant onto your dry hair. The heat protectant helps prevent your hair at high temperature and also add shine to your hair. Make sure you use good quality of heat protectant as safety is the first concern.

4.) Separate Your Hair Into Sections

Making sections helps you curl your hair easily and evenly. Make sections about 2-3 inches wide and make 3-4 sections from the bottom of your crown. Use clips and bobby pins to hold your hair on the top of your head. This allows you to do uniform sections.

5.) Working in Sections, Curl Your Hair

Using the wand only without the clamp, wrap your section of hair around the barrel and do not overlap your hair as this leads to limp sections. Use your fingers to hold the edge of the hair close to the barrel. Use your fingers to hold the edge of the section of hair close to the barrel without burning your hair. This method helps you prevent crimps in the curls. Try creating curls into clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for more natural look.

6.) Pin Your Curls Up

During this process, try pinning your curl the moment it is done curling. It helps you compact the curl to create a perfect round curl. This also fastens the circle of your hair. Continue doing this until you are done curling all your hair. Then wait for curls to cool down and take the clips off.

7.) Manipulate Your Curls

Try shaking your head gently. Shake your curls with gentle fingers for a messy look. Never comb your hair after you are done curling your hair as it results in frizzy hair. For different hairstyles, you can pin up your up using bobby pins while keeping some loose curls for a stunning look. If you have long hair, then ruffling large curls is a great way to create waves.

8.) Spray Some hairspray (Optional)

Hair spraying is optional. Some people spray to keep the curls stay longer and frizz free. Just give it a light mist for a finished look and to rock your whole day.

Method 2: Top-to-Bottom Curling (Spiraling Curls)

  • Take one strand and curl it. For small and tight curls, take small sections.
  • Open up your curling iron and place it near the top section of your hair. Keep the iron open for now.
  • Now, manually wrap the entire section around the iron rod.
  • Using the clamp, hold your hair inside it for about 10 seconds. The actual time of curling depends on your curling iron or the type of curl you want. If you want to experiment then keeps the heat setting at low initially.
  • Repeat this with all the sections. This will help clamp and un-clamp the iron as you loosen. Keep iron away from your skin.

Method 3: Bottom-to-Top Curling (Tube Curls)

  • This method is vice a versus of the above-mentioned method. Again take one section of your hair and curl it. For tight curls take a small section of your hair.
  • Open up your curling iron and place it at the bottom of your hair. This will help clamp your hair higher up and then slide it down. Angel your iron slightly so that it becomes easier for you to curl.  It also prevents it from sticking to the side of your head.
  • Clamp your curling iron and twist it to spiral around it. Make sure you flatter your hair properly under the clip so that each hair receives equal and sufficient heat. If you have long hair, then carefully twist the iron until it reaches 2 inches away from your scalp. Be careful not to touch the curling iron. Remember always curl your hair away from your face not towards.
  • Hold the clamp for 10 seconds and un-clamp the hair slowly. Repeat this with each section for a uniform curls and even looking curls. You can also experiment the exact time your hair takes to curl each section.
  • You are done with the bottom to top curling. Just sprinkle some hair spray and you are ready for the day. For a voluminous look or wavy look try shaking your curls with fingers gently. Remember, not to comb after you curl your hair.
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