Mahogany Hair Color for Sexy Looks

Mahogany is a kind of wood. The color of this wood is reddish-brown timber and getting this beautiful and natural color for your hair is a great idea. The color looks great and makes a great impact on others. for which the mahogany hair color has become popular these days. Here in this article, we will go through the best Shades of mahogany. Here are the shades of the color starting from the warm to the softer once for you to choose from.

Top 15 Mahogany Hair Color for Sexy Looks:

1.) Warm Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

This bright color is intense and impactful. It is best for those with peach or golden toned skin. This color never fails to grab the attention.

2.) Ginger Red Mahogany Hair Color

Ginger Red Mahogany hair color

The ginger red hair color is a spicy one, it comes with a light or medium reddish-brown tone. The color is a natural one and looks great on fair skin.

3.) Auburn Mahogany Hair Color

Auburn Mahogany hair color

This color is a perfect blend of golden red and light brown color. This color looked great on the actress Emma Stone.

4.) Dark Auburn Mahogany Hair Color

Julianne Moore Mahogany hair color

The darker shade of the auburn hair color is warmer and more vibrant color. If you want an elegant and sophisticated shade of mahogany you can try this color. It looks beautiful on people with warm skin color or a skin tone which is neutral. That is neither dark nor lighter. This is the signature hair color of Hollywood star Julianne Moore.

5.) Cherry Brown Mahogany Hair Color

Cherry Brown Mahogany Hair Color

This color is a beautiful blend of rosy red and rich brown color and is a color for the dark tone girls. This color looks great on a cool toned skin. The beauty of the hairstyle gets enhanced with the brown eyes. The color is close to the color of cherry cola. Girls with brown skin can choose this color for getting the stunning look.

6.) Burgundy Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

This shade of mahogany is vibrant and gives you a dramatic look. It suits fair complexion people or people with olive tone or tan skin tone.

7.) Red Ruby Mahogany Hair Color 

Red Ruby Mahogany hair color

This color is influenced by the gemstone ruby. This color is clear, deep and rich too. This dramatic shade looks great with porcelain complexion of pale skin toned once.

8.) Magenta Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

Magenta hair color gives you a defines look with its deep purplish red shade. It’s indeed favorite of fashion-forward and artistic types of people. You can go for this color with an accent color in streaks. You can even highlights or color panels or get colored overall. Overall dye is preferable for the fair complexion once. For the brown skin highlights of this color looks great. It looks stunning on most flattering for people with medium-to-dark complexions and dark eyes.

9.) Aubergine Mahogany Hair Color 

Aubergine Mahogany hair color

Aubergine red mahogany color is a highly exotic shade. This color adds a deep dramatic feature with its  deep eggplant. This shade should look great on people with cool skin tones and cool or neutral eye colors.

10.) Red Velvet Mahogany Hair Color

Red Velvet Mahogany hair color

Red velvet hair looks smooth on hair. This color is a rich, cool, deep red. The color has a luscious hue of red and velvet. The two colors blend together to give a glamorous look. This color is for is cool, dark or olive complexion and if you have brown, cool blue or emerald eyes it would just look stunning.

11.) Soft Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

This shade of mahogany is soft and sweet. The hair color looks best on who are looking for a classic brunette look.The features of this hair color are the soft highlight of blonde.

12.) Burgundy and Mahogany Blend 

Mahogany hair color

You will never get unnoticed with this mix of burgundy and mahogany hair color. The hair color features color starting from the roots and gradually the red-violet hues cascade gently into a mahogany shade.

13.) Mahogany Balayage Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

This hair color is indeed a gorgeous style. It features fairly toned-down shades which fall into the mahogany brown hair gradually.

14.) Light Mahogany Brunette

Mahogany hair color

This mahogany hair color style gives you a flawless look. The special feature of the hair color is the gentle, classic, and never out of style shade. The color gives a sun-kissed look when you step out.

15.) Mahogany with Raspberry Accent Hair Color

Mahogany hair color

This is a classic hairdo. The classic mahogany color looks spiced up when combines with bold streaks of raspberry. The red color frames the face and gives you an elegant look. While the ends remain burgundy.

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