Different Color to Dye Hair?

In this article, we are discussing different color to dye hair. The color that you choose for your hair should depend on your skin tone and your personality. There are various colors that are available in the market. Thinking of which one from the different color should I dye my hair? Here are some points to be kept in mind while choosing a hair color out of the different color to dye hair.

  • Choose a color which is within 2 shades darker or lighter than your current color.
  • If you want less damage to your hair then apply the hair color on unwashed hair. The unwashed hair has natural oils this oil help to protect the hair from the damaging chemical contents of the hair color product.
  • If you want to lighten your hair don’t go for semi-permanent color as they are not successful for the purpose.
  • Obey the instructions.
  • Avoid heating tools.
  • Use protectant spray or serum with SPF.

Ideas for Different Color to Dye Hair

1.) Flamboyage Colour to Dye Hair

Flamboyage Different hair color to dye hair

This is the perfect combo of the ombre and balayage. Renowned hair stylist Angelo Saminara is the creator of this shade. The hair color after combining these two shades is rich and gorgeous. This hair color gives you a lively look.

2.) Nude Hair Color to Dye Hair

nude different hair color to dye hair

Amongst different color to dye hair, this is one of the best neutral colors that helps to brighten your skin tone and helps you to look a tone fairer. The hair color looks flattering on all skin tones.

3.) Snow Lights Color to Dye hair

Snowlights different Color to dye hair

If you are looking for a unique and different color to dye hair. This hair color is the best to give you a shimmering look of pale blonde. You can use this shade to dye your blonde hair, use it on the top strands of the head. The highlight of this color gives you a sparkling lift.

4.) Denim Blue Hair Color

Denim Blue diffrent Hair Color to dye hair

There is a different color to dye hair amongst the various shades of neon color to your hair but blue is the fashion. The denim blue is different from the bright or pastel shade.

5.) Rose Gold Color to Dye Hair

Rose diffrent Hair Color to dye hair

The rose gold hair color is an ethereal shade of pink tint blonde hair color. It is one of the most radiant hair color amongst the different color to dye hair.

6.) Buttery Blonde Hair color 

buttery blonde different color to dye hair

The warm blonde is making a comeback. The buttery beige and sandy blondes look great and this is a unique amongst the different color to dye hair.

7.) Cinnamon Hair Color 

cinnamon different color to dye hair

The cinnamon hair color is indeed a pretty one. They look great on curled hair and if you have the highlight of this color you can get some barrel curls to enhance your look.

8.) Color for Melting Highlights

melting different hair color to dye hair

The melting technique of hair coloring is most popular these days, it creates a multidimensional effect. You can use a vibrant color to allow multiple tones to melt together with darker shades at the ends and the lighter shade at the top.

9.) Cuivre Red Hair Color

curvier different color to dye hair

Have you seen the copper color, it is usual now and this cuivre red is the next level of copper. This hair color adds up shimmers with the intense copper color which is sometimes reflective. This hair color is best for the fair skin tone.

10.) Neon Hair Color to Dye Hair

neon different color to dye hair

Neon is unnatural shades and is mostly preferred by young girls and boys. You can use this vibrant and shades of different color to dye hair or for highlight some strands.

11.) Autumn Red Hair Color to Dye Hair

Autumn Red Hair different Color to Dye Hair

The red color is in vogue but there are unique shades of red. Get a color which naturally blends with your skin tone and texture of your hair.

12.) Compound Color to Dye Hair

compound different color to dye hair

According to the famous hair stylist, KL Christofferson layering of colors looks great. You can use at least two or more color per section. This technique illuminates multi-dimensional colors and looks great.

13.) Multifaceted Platinum Color to Dye Hair

Multifaceted Platinum different Color to Dye hair

Platinum is boring and but you want to use this vibrant color in a different way. Multifaceted platinum on blonde hair can be fun. The color illuminates the vibrant hues from different angels in a beautiful way.

14.) Pink Copper Ecaille Color to Dye Hair

pink different Color to Dye hair

Pink is the color for girls. You can get a pink copper version of ecaille as it is the most popular shade of pink.

15.) Woodsy Brown Color to Dye Hair

woodsy different Color to Dye hair

For women who do not want a dark color can go for the woodsy hair color. This hair color looks great on all skin tones. The shade is close to shade between the chocolate to espresso.

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