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Sleek Short Choppy Pixie cuts

20 Short Choppy Pixie Cuts

The pixie haircut is a bold and stylish hairdo for a woman. This short hairstyle features multi-layered dimensional short hair with chopped, bangs or ends. The hair at the sides can be slightly tapered...
Bubble Pony hairstyles for Natural Hair

Top 15 Easy Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Hairstyles are undetectable part of a woman. You might have experimented your hair with different hairstyles for which you have been appreciated or criticised. Some hairstyles are so time-consuming and involve lots of chemicals products...
curly medium length haircuts

20 Modern Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Styling goes beyond age, any age cannot define or limit style. The same goes for the hairstyles. Women have lots of issue with their health and hair especially after child-birth and at 40's. Various...

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