How to A-line Hairstyle with Face framing Locks for Short Thin Hair?

If you though that A-line hairstyle can be achieved on long locks then this tutorial will definitely surprise you. This hairstyle looks elegant and gives a vintage flair to your short haircut. It will go well with your every look and definitely add sheen to it. This is a perfect hairstyle for old ladies. Even if you are young you can try your hand on this hairstyle for a different look. To get this hairstyle perfectly we have listed down the steps. The tutorial well helps you to wear this hairstyle at home without anyone’s help. Read more, to know A-line hairstyle with face-framing locks for a short hair tutorial.

A-Line Hairstyle with Face Framing Locks for Short Hair Tutorial:

1.) Section your Hair for A-Line Hairstyle

Section your Hair for A-Line Hairstyle

Dividing your hair into sections is the basic step for A-Line hairstyle. This hairstyle is quite dependent on the section only, so make sure do it nicely and neatly. The neat would be the sections; the perfect would be the result. For a proper sectioning, divide your head into the 4 sections that are: the nape section, crown U- shaped sections and two temple sections. If you have a center parting then divide your hair from the center.

2.) Use Blow Dryer and Round Brush for A-Line Hairstyle

Use Blow Dryer and Round Brush for A-Line Hairstyle

Once you have divided your hair into sections, now it’s time for an action. For this, you will need your weapons that are round brush and a blow-dryer. For the proper styling begin the blow drying from the edge of the nape section and then move towards the crown area. While blow-drying make sure the round brush must mimic the curve of the head. This will add volume to your hair and you will achieve a quality.

3.) Styling Crown Section for A-Line Hairstyle

Styling Crown Section for A-Line Hairstyle

Once you reach the crown section, release the U-shaped section and blow dry it. Do not blow dry the entire bunch of hair. For a quality, hairstyle blow dry lock by lock. This will give neatness to your look. Though this will take quite long especially if you are doing for the first time. But, it worth doing for the best result. Moreover, use a good quality round brush. That holds your hair and do not entangle them. Make sure the temperature of the blow-dryer is not too high otherwise it might damage your hair. And, the most important thing before styling apply a good heat protectant.

4.) Styling Face Framing Locks

Styling Face Framing Locks for A-line hairstyle

Once you have completed the crown area proceed towards the temple section. To begin with, curl your face-framing lock on the round brush you are using for to style A-line hairstyle. Curl it in the same way as you would curl with your curler. Cool down the temperature of the blow dryer to fix the lock. This will help the lock to fix nicely on the sides. Turn the blow dryer upside down for the complete coverage. Make sure the blow dryer is not very close to hair. There should be a gap between the blow-dryer. Otherwise, your hair might suck into the appliance.

5.) Finishing

Finishing for A-line hairstyle

Once you have blow dried all the 4 section thoroughly it’s time for the final step. In this step, you have to fix your hairstyle so that the hair does not move. If it does then it might ruin the entire style. Use a hairspray to fix all the hair and curls on the place and maintain the shape. How much time the hairstyle last totally depends on the hair spray so use it wisely. Once you have applied the hairspray do not touch your hair. If you are styling your hair for a special occasion then we would advise you to keep the hairstyling for the last. Before that, wear your outfit and complete your makeup.

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