How to Get Wet Look Scrunched Hair?

Smooth and straight hair have ruled the trend for a long. The messy and curled hair are latest in the vogue. They give you a ravishing bold look. One of the best examples of messy hairstyle is wet look scrunched hair. It gives the effect of the wet hair and adds volume to your natural locks. Girls with round face can style it into an asymmetrical hairstyle that will make your face slim. Without any further, do let’s begin with the steps to get wet look scrunched.

Steps to Get Wet Look Scrunched Hair

1.)  First Style the Nape Section

First Style the Nape Section- wet look scrunched hair

Divide your hair into a section around the nape section. For this use, a horizontal parting, roll your hair and pin them up on the top like in the image above. Take a generous amount of hair mousse and apply it on the head. While applying it scrunch your hair thoroughly. After scrunching your hair you need to blow dry in order to get wet look scrunched hair. Continue to scrunch your hair with hands and blow dry them. Make sure that you do not use a high temperature for doing so. Then leave the styles hair the way they are and just gently do a finger comb.

2.) Style the Temple Section

Style the Temple Section- Wet look scrunched hair

Once you have scrunched the nape section it’s time to style the temple section for wet look scrunched hair. Divide your hair into the sections around the temple area. Scrunch the hair towards the parting. For this, you do not have to scrunch your hair in any of the directions. While doing so tilt your head so that you can work conveniently.

3.) Style the Crown Section

Style the Crown Section- Wet look scrunched hair

After completing the nape and temple area it is time to work on the crown area for wet look scrunched hair. Section out the crown area to style the hair in the same way as you did for the rest of the two sections. Lift the hair up and scrunch them thoroughly. Set them nicely with a blow dryer. Make sure you shift the temperature from warm to cool in order to fix the style. For this particular hairstyle, you do not have to use comb except the tail comb for sectioning your hair. While working on your hair do not hold your hair too tightly otherwise it might lead a hair fall.

4.) Style the Front Section

Style the Front Section- Wet look scrunched hair

At last, you have to work on the front section in the same way you did in the other areas to get wet look scrunched hair. Tilt your head forward and process the front locks backward. Then tilt your head slightly, apply the mousse throughout, scrunch your hair and blow dry them. Now tilt your head backward and continue scrunching your locks. However, make sure that you do not apply too much hair mousse. Otherwise, you won’t get the correct look. So use it wisely. At last, blow dry the front section.

5.) Final Touch for Wet Looks Scrunched Hair

Final Touch for Wet Look Scrunched Hair

Once you have scrunched the hair from all the sections, it times to place them neatly. Arrange the hair the way you want them to be. Just finger comb your hair. Fix every section that you have worked on properly. While doing so make sure the scrunched hair do not get tangled. Run your fingers through the hair to detangle them. In any of the way do not use a hair comb. Once you’ve placed the hair in the way you wanted then apply a hair spray. It will hold the look for long and let them look natural. Such type of hairstyle is perfect for summer. However, you can style it in any month of the season.

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