20 Voguish Natural Hairstyles

Are you looking for daily easy to go hairstyles? Don’t worry we will guide you about some easy and simple natural hairstyles for the everyday look. No women would like to go out without sticking their hair in some direction. Well, African-American women are already gifted and blessed with thick and dense hair that can be shaped into stunning and gorgeous hairstyles. So check out some fun stuff in this article and explore more about best voguish natural hairstyles.

Top Voguish Natural Hairstyles

1.) Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut Natural Hairstyles

These days undercuts are in trend. They make you look more structural and modern and easy to care. Also brings out your natural face sharp features.

2.) Fresh Fade

Fresh Fade Natural Hairstyles

This is one of the trendiest natural hairstyles for women. This summer try this bold hair color and make an impression with your fresh cut that will turn all the heads to you.

3.) Creamy Brown Afro

Creamy Brown Afro Natural Hairstyles

This natural hairstyles will give a free feeling with a fascinating cream brown color. Let you frizzy hair bounce and be proud to have that.

4.) Graphic Pixie with Curly 

Graphic Pixie with Curly Top Natural Hairstyles

Try this stylish and stunning pixie look with perfectly trimmed sides. This is one of the innovative and chic natural hairstyles. Try this look with strong, graphic makeup and blush to give a beautiful shape to your face.

5.) Frizzy Pixie with Mohawk 

Frizzy Pixie with Mohawk Natural Hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyle with pixie haircut is popular and in trend. Trim your back and the sides and leave the top a bit longer. This looks more fashionable and appears statuesque.

6.) Beautiful Frizzy Hairstyle

Beautiful Frizzy Hairstyle Natural Hairstyles

This is iconic yet so natural hairstyles for the everyday look. The long curls seem perfectly styled with a mist of hairspray. Try this natural hairstyles at home.

7.) Short Afro

Short Afro Natural Hairstyles

Black women are naturally blessed with long and black hair. The cool and short afro looks more appealing to a round face and perfectly compliment your face features. Wear some striking accessories and a short necklace that will complete the rest of the look.

8.) Frizzy Afro Hairstyle

Frizzy Afro Natural Hairstyles

Afro hair looks more natural and you should wear it natural. This is one of the best natural hairstyles with trimmed sides and round shape for a gorgeous look. Also, accessorize a bit for a super chic look.

9.) Heart-Shaped Purple Afro

Heart-Shaped Purple Afro Natural Hairstyles

When we talk about fascinating colors, dyed hair is the best for a bold look. Choose a striking purple color for a polished and give it a heart-shaped afro look.

10.) Natural Curly Bob

Natural Curly Bob Natural Hairstyles

If you have short hair then this is best short natural hairstyles for you. You need not straight your hair and let it loose naturally for a romantic and fresh hairdo.

11.) Short Cut with Shaved Sides

Short Cut with Shaved Sides Natural Hairstyles

This is other short and sassy natural hairstyles. Shave your sides and the top curly look sexy that brings out your beautiful eyes and lips, just like the picture above.

12.) Wavy Pixie

Wavy Pixie Natural Hairstyles

Try this urban appealing hairstyle with a pixie haircut. The waves add more glamor and magnetize your hairdo. Try wearing a neckpiece for a complimentary look.

13.) Short Afro with Shaved Side

Short Afro with Shaved Side Natural Hairstyles

This is one of the simple hairstyles that is partly shaved but also complements your face features. It also draws attention away from you simple looks to your attractive face.

14.) Fiery Red Frizzy

Fiery Red Frizzy Natural Hairstyles

Try this fiery red frizzy hairstyle for coming out of your comfort zone. Choose a brand new reddish tone for a brand new look. The color alone rocks your look with simple and natural hairstyles.

15.) Fierce Teeny Weeny Afro

Fierce Teeny Weeny Afro Natural Hairstyles

The TWA i.e. The teeny weeny afro hairstyle is in trend. This natural hairstyles looks magnetizing on round heads. Try this hairstyle with a pair of aviator sunglasses and rock the day.

16.) Neatly Cropped Faux hawk

Neatly Cropped Faux hawk Natural Hairstyles

Neat and clean cropped faux hawk are the best natural hairstyles to show you natural beauty. It may look simple and bore but if you try with smoky makeup, this hairstyle is more interesting.

17.) Curly Pixie Natural Hairstyles

Curly Pixie Natural Hairstyles

Usually short hair rock pixie look, but it cannot be flatter all the time. Pixie with wavy hair looks more stunning better than a straight pixie. Try this short and natural hairstyles for a special event just like Rihanna did.

18.) Funky Short Cut

Funky Short Cut Natural Hairstyles

This is one of the popular natural hairstyles for 2016. The tom-boy short hairstyle looks cool and edgy. It is easy to maintain and no such styling products are required.

19.) Lovely Tapered Cut

Lovely Tapered Cut Natural Hairstyles

Try this lovely tapered cut that is one of the simple and natural hairstyles for women. The combination of black and brown looks amazing at the top. For extending height and perfect cheekbone, try this stunning yet so natural hairstyles.

20.) Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob Natural Hairstyles

Try this super chic hairstyle with blue highlights with some urban looks. The side bangs suits perfectly with a pair of sunglasses.

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