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15 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

This article is about 15 easy hairstyles for long hair. When you have thick and long hair, you can pick any hairstyle for yourself. Long hair allows you to have the look of your...
Tease hair

How to Tease Hair?

This article is about ways to tease hair. Teasing hair is the best way to make your hair more voluminous. Teasing hair makes the hair more thick and beautiful. Teasing, that is back combing...
Go Flawless with Blonde Hair Beehive Hairdos

20 Epic Beehive Hairdos

This article is about 20 epic beehive hairdos. History repeats itself. Same is applicable for hairstyle as well. Beehive hairstyle was common during the retro era. The style is back in fashion and is...
Marilyn Curls- Hairstyles from 70's and 80's

15 Jaw Dropping Hairstyles from 70’s And 80’s

Maggie Smith, Julie Andrews, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren are to name a few actress from 70’s and 80’s who were known for their charismatic personality, great acting skills, and classy hairstyles. From bob...
Wavy Starlet- Pin up hairstyles

15 Classy Pin Up Hairstyles

Pin up hairstyle has been in the trend from the classic era. It represents vintage and retro hairstyles. It is an epitome of the veteran beauties. This hairstyle can be don on every hair length, from...

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