How to do a Fishtail Braid?

The fishtail braid is an intricate and sophisticated braiding style for women’s. This hairstyle is traditional and related to the bohemian hairstyle. The hairstyle is different from the other braid as it does not need three sections of hair to intertwine rather, it needs two sections of hair. You can get this elegant hairstyle by making two equal section and creating an elegant fishtail braid. Here in this article, we will go through some of the easiest and simple steps to make the fishtail braid. The instructions are in 5 steps with clear pics to make the instruction clear for you. Let’s go through the steps to do a fishtail braid.

Steps to Do a Fishtail Braid:

1.) Create a Pony to Make Fishtail Braid

pony to do fishtail braid
Here is the great way to make the thing easy and simple. To begin with the process firstly make a low pony at the nape of your neck. If you want a messy or uncombed look you can start with uncombed hair for a fine look you can comb the hair. The band looks weird but that is just to get a better grip and gather the hair together, after the job is done we will remove the band.

2.) Divide Into Two Section to Do a Fishtail Braid

Sections to do a fishtail braid
Brush the pony, start from the ends. You can use a detangling comb to start combing hair, later use a fine comb for your hair. This will help you to untangle your hair and comfortable for you to make the sections easy. You should keep in mind that in the braiding hairstyle we need to weave the hair. So make sure the hair are not tangled and are smooth and flawless. After securing your hair with a band, you can split the pony into two sections. Make two equal and distinct section of your hair, one each at the sides.

3.) Start Weaving to Do a Fishtail Braid

weave t do a fishtail braid
Hold the two sections properly and get a better position of your hand to make the work comfortable and easy. This braiding style is actually overlapping of the small sections from the sides. So use your fingers to separate small sections of hair from one of the section lets take the left side first. Take the section from the outer edge and cross over it to the right side and tuck the section with the other section. Now the small section becomes the part of the other big section at the right. Pull the strands and a better grip of the sections. Now, similar way pull a thin strand from the other section at the right and move it to the left section add it to the left section. Repeat the process again from the right side and later from the left until you get the braid of your desired length.

4.) Maintain Evenness to Do a Fishtail Braid

Evenness to do a fishtail braid
While making the braid do not forget to maintain the evenness of the braid. It is the main feature of the fishtail. You will regret if you forget to maintain the evenness. Be sure to pull small strands every time you pull the hair from the strands. Take the strands of the same size. Secure the braid with a band.

5.) Give the Finishing Touch to Do a Fishtail Braid

To do a Fishtail braid
For the perfect braid styling you need to do some extra task. Take out the band, the best way is to cut it for. Later pull the braids to make it look thicker and flat. Tuck the extra strands you can also use some pins to tuck the hair if required. The best way to get the iconic fish braid is to leave the hair at the top messy with a sleek and flat fishtail.

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