Top 10 Home Hair Color

Are you getting old? Do you think that your hair is turning white? If yes, then remember it is the time for you to dye your hair. Though, you need to identify your own natural hair color before you choose to dye them. This article is going to guide you about top 10 home hair color.

Top 10 Home Hair Color

List of Home Hair Color Products:

Here is the list of the home hair color products. You may use them to dye your hair.

1.) Zotos Age Beautiful Anti-aging Permanent Liqui-creme Haircolor:

This is the best home hair color. If a person is trying it for the first time, then it is a guarantee that most of them become a lifelong customer. This is one of the best quality hair products that is used by various professionals.

2.) Clairol Natural Instincts:

This product is available in brown and red colors. It is not just made to hide gray hair, but it also provides various benefits to your hair. It provides even coverage and adds shine to your hair. So, try out this amazing home hair color and experience a difference in the color tone of your hair.

3.) Revlon Color Silk:

It is a great home hair color product. It is an efficient product that has passed shine retention and  gray coverage tests. Though there are chances that the color will fade due to UV exposure, and four weeks after washing. But, still it sits a great product to try.

4.) Clairol Nice‘n Easy:

Well, it is one of the best home hair color for blonde hair. The best part about the blonde hair colors are that they are best at covering gray hair. They can retain color to your hair. Moreover, this kind of hair color needs a long time to fade away. There is only one con of this home hair color that it has a strong chemical smell.

5.) L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte:

This is one of the best home hair color that can highlight your look and add so much beauty to your hair. It is a very effective home hair color product that one should try. It even makes your hair softer and shinier so use L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte and get various benefits from it.

Natural Home Hair Color:

Here are few natural and herbal home colors. You may use them to color your hair. The best part about such herbal products is that they can be used effectively for coloring your hair without causing any damage to your hair.

1.) Carrot and Beetroot Juice Natural Dye:

The main ingredients you need to prepare this amazing natural dye are beetroots and carrots. Take few beets and carrots and grind them in a grinder. Now, mix these juices in a spray bottle. Also, remember that there should not be any kind of dirt or residue left in the juice and a spray bottle. Now, the first step before you dyes your hair is to damp your hair. After this, apply this mixture on your hair from roots to the tips. Also, you need to sit in the sunlight for a few minutes. This is important because sun rays help in giving undertones in the red shades of your hair.  So, achieve the desired hair color by using this natural dye on gray hair.

2.) Use Tea as a Home Hair Color:

Though this may sound weird, but this is a great way to color your hair. The natural ingredients like strong coffee, tea made from walnut shells or cloves, or black tea may help a lot in providing color to your hair. You can also get yellow highlights in your hair you may use the tea made from chamomile flowers. Even for getting the reddish tones, you may use cloves. All you need to make this tea out of the spice and use it just after it gets cool on your hair to color it.

3.) Henna Home Hair Color:

Henna is one of the best natural ingredients one can use to dye their hair. To prepare this recipe simply mix henna with some water. Now, mix these ingredients well to prepare a fine paste. Also, make sure that this mixture should not be runny. It is really important to keep this paste quite thick so that it stays on hair. Once you prepare this mixture, then apply it to your hair. Leave this mixture for 2 hours on your hair. At last simply wash your hair. You will get the red shade at the initial wash. But, after few days, you will get brown shade on your gray hair.

4.) Saffron Home Hair Color:

This is a great natural dye that may provide brown shade to your gray hair. To prepare this home hair color, you need to follow few important steps. First, you need to boil one tablespoon of saffron with two cups of water for about 20 minutes. After this, leave this solution till it cools down. Now use this mixture and apply it on your scalp. Leva it on your hair till it gets dry. After this, just wash it off with a mild shampoo and water. It is a great way to dye your hair naturally.

5.) Food Colors:

Food colors are the great natural dye. All a you need to mix them with your hair conditioner and then apply them on your hair. Also, let this solution sit on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water. It is a great temporary hair color for your hair.

So, use the above amazing home hair color on your gray hair and dye them. They are very effective and can be used to add the color tone to your hair. So, use them and see a huge difference on your hair.

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