How to Lighten Hair With Honey?

There are various ways that are used to lighten hair. Most probably the easiest way to lighten hair is through chemical treatment. But, this method is very harmful to your hair. So, it is better to avoid such tactics and go for the natural ways to lighten hair. You may easily lighten hair with honey. It is one of the best ways to lighten hair naturally. So, read this article to know various ways to lighten hair with honey.

How Does Honey Lightens Hair?

Honey has natural bleaching properties. It is a great ingredient that may help a lot in lightening your hair. It lightens hair better than any other product when it is mixed with important natural ingredients. It provides the desired effect on your hair by making it more beautiful. It also has amazing moisturizing properties that help in keeping your hair soft and shiny.

Ways to Lighten Hair With Honey:

How to Lighten Hair with Honey

1.) Lighten Hair with Honey and Distilled Water:

Ingredients You Need:

To use this method you need following ingredients:

  • Honey
  • Shower Cap
  • Distilled Water
  • Cardamom

Once you take the following ingredients, then remember that half of your work is completed. Now, you need to focus on other ways to lighten hair with honey. So, another step is to mix honey and distilled water in the ratio of 1:4. For example, if you take one cup of distilled water then you require a ¼ cup of honey. Now mix both of these ingredients together and shake it in a bottle. After this, pour them in a bottle. Also, add two teaspoons of cardamom in this mixture. This is a great ingredient that includes great bleaching properties in it.

2.) Apply Honey and Distilled Water Mixture on Your Hair:

Once you prepare this mixture, then simply apply it on your hair. Leave it on your hair and wear a shower cap. Also, remember to wash your hair with water and apply this mixture on damp hair. You may apply even more honey on honey highlights with a brush.

3.) Soak in Honey Mixture:

Just relax for some time and let the honey mixture get soaked in your head properly. Leave it on your head for an hour or even more. Do anything and relax for some time till this mixture gets dry.

4.) Wash it with a Conditioner:

This is the last step to lighten hair with honey. You need to skip shampoo and wash your hair with a conditioner. You may even wash your hair with apple cider vinegar rinse. The best part about honey is that it is an amazing moisturizer for hair. It will not only lighten your hair with it will also enhance the quality of your hair. So, apply it and get so many benefits from it.

5.) Add Cinnamon, Ground Coffee with Honey:

This is another great way to lighten hair with honey. All you need to add honey and distilled water together. Mix them and add henna, cinnamon, or ground coffee to this mixture. This way is very effective to get reddish blonde color hues. Apply it on your hair and leave it for an hour and rinse it off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Does Honey Lightens Hair on a Permanent Basis?

Well, there is no such evidence that may predict that you may get natural highlights with honey on a permanent basis. The results differ from person to person. Though, you may add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide with the honey mixture to get better results. Also, there are possibilities that you may get brassy tones if you have dark blonde or black hair. You need to maintain your hair properly if you want that your lightened hair stays for a longer time. So, take care of your hair properly. Try to use a good quality conditioner and shampoo on your hair. It is a great way to keep your hair lightened for a longer time.

Other Ingredients You May Use to Lighten Hair Naturally:

Here are few other ingredients that you may use to lighten hair naturally.

1.) Lemon Juice:

It is a great ingredient that had been used for ages to lighten hair naturally. Just mix one part of lemon juice with two parts of water and apply it on your hair. It is a great way to lighten hair.

2.) Olive Oil:

This organic oil contains a few gentle lightening agents. You may use it to lighten your hair. Just apply a little amount of olive oil on your hair and leave it for half an hour. It is a great agent that may help a lot in lightening your hair. It is one of the best ways to lighten hair completely.

3.) Chamomile:

This is a very old remedy that had been used by the people for a long time. Just wash your hair with chamomile tea and see desired results within few days. It is a great way to lighten hair naturally and fast.

So, use the above ways and apply them to lighten hair with honey. It is very easy to use this natural ingredient. All you need to follow the right ways to get soft, shiny and lightened hair. You may also add few other natural ingredients with honey to get better results. Also, try to maintain your hair and get the beautiful honey highlights on your hair.

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